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Stats Reinvents Itself

Published on Thursday, January 23, 2014 | 4:32 pm

An original family owned and operated institutional favorite of Southland denizens for over 50 years, Stats Decorative Home and Seasonal in Old Pasadena has undergone some dramatic changes and additions to its original concept of offering ‘the largest and most complete selection of Christmas and seasonal merchandise’ to be found anywhere.

The original Stats remains the same as it has always been throughout its long history…a Disneyland-like bastion for the Halloween, Fall, and Christmas decorative merchandise-seekers in us all.

But now, the same throngs of people flocking to the ever-whimsical Stats each year to stock up on decorations will also enjoy two of their newly added “Shoppes” which occupy separate store-fronts, all the while still accessible and available from both inside and outside of the store. One flows into the other which yet again…flows into the final…a mini-Harrods of sorts, minus the transcontinental flight and the jetlag. The newly termed, ‘The Shoppes at Stats,’ promises to bring back the old-time department store feel together with the service of a bygone era and which prevails throughout the entire enterprise.

The first new addition to the original Stats is The Old Town Shaving Company at Stats, which aspires to the tradition and elegance of the great gentlemen’s shops heretofore only available on travels to London, Rome, and Paris.

For discerning gentlemen and ladies alike, patrons will find a vast assortment of the great grooming products as yet only available on treks to such far-away places. From the great shaving houses such as Taylor of Old Bond Street, Geo F. Trumper, Penhaligon’s, Floris, and D.R. Harris, in London, Martin de Candre in Paris, and Proraso and Cella in Rome come products steeped in the European tradition of only the highest quality ingredients formulated from the age-old recipes known, yet kept secret, for generations.

Although centered around the concept of the old methods employed in ‘traditional wet shaving,’ which involves a resurrection of shaving brushes and mugs, double edge or straight razors, shaving creams or soaps (in traditional tubs…not aerosol cans), rich aftershaves, colognes, and perfumes, The Old Town Shaving Company also extends its appeal in ancillaries such as European shampoos, conditioners, and talcum powders as well as fine manicure sets, horn combs, genuine bristle brushes, and genuine duck down powder puffs… truly items of the Royals.

The assortments are vast, unique, and heretofore unfound, ‘this side of the pond.’

The second of the new Shoppes is The Bea’s Knees Wine, Cheese, and Gift at Stats, a concept originally born in the same light of a European stroll down the Rue de la Paix or the Via Veneto.

Fine cheeses, exquisite wines and spirits, and a very exclusive specialty line of prepackaged foods, confections, and spices are among the offerings.

The new Shoppes at Stats, which includes the original Stats Decorative and Seasonal together with the new Old Town Shaving Company and The Bea’s Knees Wine, Cheese and Gift, are worth a non-holiday-time revisit this long-time favorite destination.

The Shoppes are located at 120 South Raymond Avenue, Old Pasadena. For more, call (626) 785-9308.

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