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Twin Palms Rises from the Ashes

Once a hotspot for who's who back in the 90's, Twin Palms faded into obscurity and neglect. Now, watch it rise once again.

Published on Monday, June 10, 2013 | 4:49 pm

Back in the 90’s, Kevin Costner and his wife Cindy put up one of the hottest restos in California, Twin Palms. It was a place where rubbing elbows with the who’s who of society was a daily occurrence.

After the Costner’s divorce, Twin Palms fell into the hands of another owner, and from there things went downhill. The iconic restaurant shut down its doors in 2009. It was the end of an era. Or so we thought.


Last June 1, patrons had a sneak peek of the new Twin Palms under new management. Christina Nazareno, Twin Palms General Manager says, “the sneak peek was part of the Make Music Pasadena Festival. The Twin Palms stage was on the actual festival schedule. So we had Make Music Pasadena bands playing on the Twin Palms stage. We weren’t scheduled to open until June 27th, [but] we really wanted to open for Make Music because it’s such a beautiful event in Pasadena.”

The full menu and full table service wasn’t offered, Nazareno says, though people were able to “order some menu items as a sneak peek as to what our menu is going to be, we ended up standing-room-only.”

Come July however, expect Twin Palms to open in full force. But will it retain the same magic it once had? Or will it be an entirely different Twin Palms? Nazareno says, “yes and no. It’s going to stay the same in that we recognize that Twin Palms is an iconic location, an iconic name, an iconic destination in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley”.

Keeping the name, the location, the two palms and no major structural changes, Twin Palms will reflect the old ways in some respects, “but we do want to bring it into the 2013 for the new Twin Palms’ generation,” says Nazareno.

The new Twin Palms will be more up-scale, and the food will be a definite improvement from the old Twin Palms.

“The new Twin Palms will be a foodie’s destination. The chef, Michael Neflas, comes from Drago Centro– and he is an amazing chef, focused on seasonal California cuisine, farm-to-table, locally-grown produce, everything is going to be fresh and top of the line and the food is just beautiful,” Nazareno explains.

Nazareno also tells us of the kind of place the new Twin Palms will be. “We’re going more for a lounge vibe; we don’t want to be a night club. We want to provide nightlife for an adult, contemporary crowd,” says Nazareno.

The restaurant’s official soft opening will be on the 28th of June. June 27th was originally scheduled to be the official launch. However, as soon as the soft opening date was announced, the night was bought our. The event on the “27th is a private event, it is affiliated with the City of Pasadena. The City of Pasadena may invite press for their own party but we are leaving that up to them,” says Nazareno.

Though the 28th will be the soft opening and open to the public, “we are limiting the amount of people that can come in because we want to test our system, our servers and the way things flow. We’d rather serve ten people and have them have a wonderful, amazing experience to tell all their friends about than serve 10,000 people and they have a terrible experience,” says Nazareno.

The official grand opening, however, complete with a huge party will be held on July.

Twin Palms Restaurant and Lounge, 101 W. Green St. Pasadena, (626) 577-4555 or visit

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