Early Schooling Puts Your Child Ahead of the Pack

Several studies and scientific research shows that early education has numerous benefits for children. Since mental advancement begins after birth, the first three years of the child’s life is critical in neural development.

Ideally, parents should start educating their children even before they step into kindergarten. Formal schooling is not the start of the child’s learning process. However, not all parents have the time and resources to provide early education to their children.

A groundbreaking study called the Carolina Abecedarian Project gives evidence to the advantages of enrolling children to early education. The findings revealed that children with early formal education performed better in school compared to those who did not have pre-kindergarten schooling.

Researchers measured the subsequent progress of the participants at different ages until they were 30 years old. The assessment covered the subject’s growth in academics, cognitive functioning, educational attainment, employment, parenthood, and social skills. Those participants who underwent the early education program scored much higher in all categories compared to those who had no pre-kinder training.

Other advantages of early childhood education include children acquiring better attention span, improved social skills, and eagerness for long-term learning.

Here in the Pasadena area, Stratford School offers an Early Preschool Program starting at two years old. The program is designed to build children’s confidence and inspire joyful learning through exploration, inquiry, and discovery.

The Early Preschool Program is only offered at the Altadena campus starting this upcoming 2019/2020 school year. The key focus areas are autonomy, social/emotional development, cognitive growth, language and literacy, and physical development (including Potty Training).

Stratford School applys a hands-on, multi-sensory approach through a well-balanced STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) enriched curriculum, play, and skill development. Beginning early inspires and nutures discovery and the joy of learning in children.

Stratford School Altadena is located at 2046 Allen Avenue and can be reached at (626) 794-1000. For more information visit their website at https://www.stratfordschools.com/altadena.






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