High Point Academy’s Junior High Advisory Program

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The Junior High Advisory Program began last year and continues to offer students a safe place for discussion and exploration. Advisory groups consist of one faculty member and eight or nine junior-high students, from both grades. The program aims to build peer and teacher-student relationships. Advisory groups meet most Fridays for a 45-minute period. The advisors for the 2019-2020 school year are Mr. Cutter, Mrs. Huezo, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Collard, Mrs. Angel, Mrs. Zeiss, Mr. Valiulis, and Mrs. Parsons-Lamb.

There are four goals for the Advisory Program:

1. Ensure each student has a strong relationship with at least one adult at the school.
2. Provide a sense of belonging and inclusion for each student.
3. Help every student find ways to be successful in school (academically and socially).
4. Foster strong communication between the school and each student’s family.

Since the end of August, the advisory groups have met to discuss shared lessons. Topics for advisory meetings have included team-building, success in junior high, sportsmanship, re-writing the dress code, suicide awareness and prevention, and most recently preparation for high school interviews. Upcoming lessons for the semester will include life lessons like tying a tie and sewing a button, debriefing the screening of the documentary Screenagers, and maintaining a growth mindset…just to name a few.

Overall, this year’s program is off to a great start!

About High Point Academy

What makes High Point unique? High Point Academy’s mission is dedicated to awakening the joy of learning and inspiring every student to reach his/her fullest potential in a collaborative and stimulating community of caring and academic excellence. HPA’s devoted and talented faculty provides a strong, challenging, and enriched K-8 curriculum that, in addition to the core academics, includes Spanish or French, vocal and instrumental music, art, library, the latest in technology and innovation, and daily physical education.

High Point Academy, 1720 Kinneloa Canyon Road, Pasadena, (626) 798-8989 or visit www.highpointacademy.org.











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