Holy Family School Returning to School Virtually in the Fall

Holy Family Catholic School is enthusiastic about being a parish school that has Christ at its center. HFS is a community of families who recognize that they want a experience for their children which goes beyond strong academics. HFS want an atmosphere where children learn to be strong, loving and contributing members to the communities and the world.

HFS Curriculum is designed to educate the whole child while providing a solid foundation for higher Catholic education. Ninety-five percent of its 8th grade graduates attend their first choice of school, including the top-ranked Catholic and College Preparatory high schools in the area. Our college age Holy Family alumni are currently attending Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard, Santa Clara, USC, UCLA, Stanford, TCU, MIT, Vanderbilt, St. Michael’s College-University of Toronto and SMU, among other distinguished colleges and universities nationally and internationally.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

HFS Students are…

Spiritually Active Catholics Who…

• Exemplify Christ by practicing Christian virtues
• Act as witnesses of their faith through participation in the Eucharist, prayer, worship, and ministry
• Demonstrate knowledge of the foundation of their faith and Church teachings
• Make moral choices based on their Catholic faith and accept responsibility for those choices

Life Long Learners Who…

• Possess a love of knowledge and learning
• Demonstrate a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills of all academic areas
• Demonstrate the ability to gain content knowledge through research, reasoning and questioning
• Set reasonable goals and effectively work to accomplish them
• Gain self-awareness and discipline through the study and practice of the arts

Effective Communicators Who…

• Read, write, speak, and listen actively
• Recognize, understand and use non-verbal communication
• Use technology to communicate, learn and interact globally

Active Problem Solvers Who…

• Gather and analyze information, consider alternatives and make educated decisions
• Observe, experiment, discover and work independently and collaboratively to create solutions
• Use organizational, study, and time-management skills and adapt to an ever-changing environment

Well-Balanced Individuals Who…

• Possess self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline
• Participate in the community with a sense of civic responsibility and global citizenship
• Maintain respectful relationships with their peers and adults
• Understand, appreciate and respect diversity
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform to the best of their abilities

Holy Family School, 1301 Rollin St., South Pasadena, (626) 799-4354 or visit school.holyfamily.org.






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