Maranatha High School Introduces its New Dean of Academics and Dean of Students

(L to R): Deans of Students Johnny Marmelstein and Trishia Arrington, and Dean of Academics Tim Fenderson

In the next few weeks, Maranatha’s Minutegram will be highlighting its newest faculty and staff to the community. This week it is featuring two new Deans of Students, Johnny Marmelstein and Trishia Arrington, and the new Academic Dean, Tim Fenderson.

Tim Fenderson, Academic Dean

Faculty encouragement and growth, professional development, overall academic programs, academic policies and procedures, coordination with the Head of School, College Counseling, and academic departments are only a handful of the primary responsibilities for Maranatha’s new Academic Dean, Tim Fenderson.

Mr. Fenderson, who has 20 years of academic administrative experience, believes that only in the work of Christ there is true education, and he wants to be a part of educating the next generation of thinking Christians. This is not his first time working at Maranatha – he was first hired as part of the English Department where he taught 11th grade English and AP Literature, as well as coaching freshman volleyball. He said, “Ever since I gained more academic administrative experience I wondered what it would be like to come back to Maranatha. I’ve kept in touch with MHS people over the years. We moved back to the area after serving a school in Washington, and then the Academic Dean position became available, so I applied.”

In broad strokes, as Academic Dean, Mr. Fenderson is highly focused on supporting the mission of Maranatha and the leadership of Head of School John Rouse. He continued, “I want to be an encouragement and help to faculty, as well as strengthen the already existing academic ethos of the school for both students and teachers.”

Johnny Marmelstein, Dean of Students

Mr. Marmelstein began his academic career at a small Christian school in Wilmington, California. After leaving, he began to miss the days of being allowed to openly share the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ with the students and share in the work of Christ with like-minded Christians. He said, “Coming to Maranatha has provided me with an opportunity to come back ‘home’ to Christian education.”

As one of the new Deans of Students, Mr. Marmelstein’s primary responsibilities include supporting and watching over the students at Maranatha, talking with students, going to their games or play performances, being interested in what they love to do outside of Maranatha, and also the importance of the disciplinary aspects. Mr. Marmelstein continued, “I have long admired Maranatha, and through a variety of circumstances over the past three years, I finally felt led to come here and share in the growth of Maranatha that has been built over many years by past and present faculty, staff and administrators. My experiences as the longest-serving Dean of Students in the history of St. Margaret’s, as a senior administrator, as a teacher, and as a coach, have all prepared me well for the challenges that still lie ahead of us.”

Trishia Arrington, Dean of Students

Mrs. Arrington began her academic career last year as Maranatha’s Biology teacher but has transitioned wonderfully into her new role this school year as one of the new Deans of Students. She said, “Coming to Maranatha was a decision that was best for me as well as my family. Maranatha has become not only our home but our family. God has shown us His love and faithfulness here at MHS, and we are so grateful. As a former Division I basketball player, I have always been a leader on and off the court. I took this passion into coaching girls basketball, then eventually into the classroom teaching Biology. This is where I began to see God using me in ways He had never done before. I am so excited to have the ability to use my past experiences in my new role as Dean of Students where I feel I can lead, teach, and impact the entire student body.”

In her new role as Dean of Students, Mrs. Arrington has created a goal for herself that includes impacting the lives of Maranatha students one at a time. She continued, “I believe I have been called by God to influence and inspire. I often ask students if they know what their God-given gifts are and what that means to them. I believe it is my responsibility to help provide students with the tools they need to find God’s purpose for their lives and to use their gifts to reflect God’s glory.”

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