Southwestern Academy’s SunSpots

What are SunSpots? SunSpots is a weekly news video produced by students from Southwestern Academy’s media art classes. SunSpots’ videos are a fun and interesting way for students to keep their families and friends from back home caught up on all the events they would have on and off campus as well as a general look of their lives on a weekly basis.

Students work together with one another to display life in both Southwestern Academy campuses. They are located in Rimrock, Arizona and San Marino, California. The students would also make personal videos during their breaks and vacations. Whether as near as a city away or as far as the several different countries they would be from thousands of miles away, their videos would be edited and compiled to show their fellow student body colleagues their lives outside of the campus. The videos filmed show many activities, sports and news going on each week at each campus. They also give a unique perspective of what daily school life is like as well. Popular music is an added touch to each video.

They are fast paced and entertaining. They also delight viewers with their youthful exuberance. The quality of workmanship that goes into each video is a credit to both the students and staff at Southwestern Academy. They are undeniably fun and upbeat to watch. The videos are shown on the school’s website, YouTube and Facebook.

Southwestern Academy is a premier school that promotes inclusion and diversity as part of their learning experience. According to their website “On our small campuses, all students participate, contribute, and belong.”

Watch their videos here:

Keep up with the latest news here:

Southwestern Academy, 2800 Monterey Rd., San Marino, (626) 799-5010 or visit



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