Advice From the Auto Expert: How to Check Your Oil

Published on Feb 2, 2020

Mike Kefalas from JK Volvo tells you what you need to know

The change of oil in the car should be done regularly even if it’s something you are not looking forward to. Why?

First of all, the regular oil change also establishes a benchmark of when your car’s maintenance needs to be met. For instance, every third oil change can be the point at which the tires need to be rotated. Also, your recognition of what fluids had to be added may serve as the first warning sign that one of the systems is leaking.

It also gives a professional an opportunity to easily look for undercar problems. These would include torn CV boots, broken exhaust parts, or problems with the transmission or differential. Anything that’s broken, loose or excessively worn is in clear sight. This idea of the lube tech or service facility disclosing legitimate problems can be only beneficial.

If you are looking for a local professional for your car care needs you may want to consider the staff at J.K. Volvo. They are located at 1587 E. Walnut St. in Pasadena. You can reach them at (626) 792-2240.

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