BlissVector Tech: A Path to Endless Peace of Mind in Cybersecurity

Published on Oct 13, 2023

Curtis Smith, the President and CEO of BlissVector Tech, founded BlissVector Tech in 2001. Its inception stemmed from the pressing need for enhanced IT support and cybersecurity solutions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, as remote work became the new norm. BlissVector Tech’s primary mission was to ensure seamless and secure remote work experiences for individuals, alleviating the stress of the ongoing health crisis.

Since its founding, BlissVector Tech has experienced consistent growth. Initially assisting individuals in adapting to remote work, the company shifted its focus towards business-to-business services as a managed service provider. Their offerings expanded to include services such as Office 365, cloud backups, and cybersecurity solutions. Furthermore, BlissVector Tech ventured into the compliance sector, preparing companies for cybersecurity insurance prerequisites.

BlissVector Tech’s commitment to innovation is exemplified in its unique approach to client service. Curtis Smith coined the term “BlissVector” to signify “Endless Happiness with Zero Cares.” The company aims to infuse this spirit into their work, providing clients with seamless and carefree IT experiences. They aspire to keep clients operational without security or hardware concerns, embodying the concept of true bliss vector.

In a highly competitive industry, BlissVector Tech distinguishes itself through a customer-oriented approach. They prioritize understanding clients’ unique computing, security, and backup needs, ensuring clients receive tailored solutions. This personalized approach ensures clients never feel overwhelmed or overcharged.

While BlissVector Tech’s successes abound, a particular case highlights their impact. They rescued a property management client from the turmoil of a nonresponsive IT provider. The client experienced connectivity issues, low-quality phone systems, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. BlissVector Tech swiftly transformed their operations, upgrading hardware, securing endpoints, and coordinating with third-party vendors, ultimately providing a comprehensive solution.

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Cybersecurity remains a paramount concern, and BlissVector Tech employs a multifaceted strategy to safeguard client data and assets. Their approach includes 24/7 monitoring of computers and web traffic, endpoint security, and hardware-based firewalls. This layered approach ensures clients receive proactive protection, with technicians available around the clock to mitigate potential threats.

BlissVector Tech’s help desk services adopt a proactive stance as well. Through remote management and monitoring tools, they identify and address hardware and software issues, perform critical updates, and replace hardware when necessary, all before clients encounter any disruptions.

To stay at the forefront of the information technology field, BlissVector Tech emphasizes education. They provide clients with cybersecurity tips through drip marketing and ensure their staff undergoes compliance and continued education courses. Attending cybersecurity product events keeps them abreast of emerging threats and solutions.

As BlissVector Tech continues to thrive, expansion plans are underway. The company is actively hiring additional staff, including cybersecurity engineers and help desk technicians. Their immediate focus is on entering the San Diego market by 2026, with plans to expand to Phoenix, San Antonio, and Las Vegas.

Looking ahead, BlissVector Tech seeks to maintain its corporate headquarters in Pasadena, California, where they have actively contributed to the community. They aim to create local job opportunities, solidify their position as a managed service provider in Los Angeles and Orange County, and be a valued asset to the Pasadena community.

In the eyes of Curtis Smith and BlissVector Tech, Pasadena embodies the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city resources, making it an ideal home for their IT services company.

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