Bringing You Back Home Safe and Well

Sierra Care Facilities are more than nursing homes
By PETER LATHAM, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Dec 2, 2020

Should you, or a loved one, ever have the misfortune of being seriously injured, perhaps suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or suffer pulmonary disease, neuromuscular conditions, or other medically complex condition, much of your struggle will be in coping with an arduous recovery path.

Particularly in complex cases, recovery must be as carefully managed as any hospital procedure. Along with recovery staff, of equal importance to your recovery is your surroundings. A relaxed but professional facility and staff may make the difference between a prolonged recovery and a brief stay.

Sierra Care is a 24-hour congregate living health facility featuring one-on-one personalized nursing and recuperative treatments for patients. It’s far more than just a nursing facility. You can add to that a property which features two lakes, roaming ducks and geese, and as quiet and peaceful an environment as one could find, far from city noise and traffic.

Nestled near the foot of the Sequoia National Forest, the 30-acre Sierra Care at the Lake campus utilizes physicians at the leading edge of critical care, catastrophic injury, and rehabilitation medicine, who work together with neuropsychological specialists, nurses, therapists, social workers, activity directors, respiratory therapists, and dietitians to provide critical day-to-day care for recovery.

In addition to providing advanced subacute care treatments and rehabilitation, the facility, one of three Sierra Care facilities in Central California,  also works to create an encouraging and emotionally supportive living environment to create the safe and optimum conditions needed for maximum recovery.

Patients are housed in private or semi-private rooms with a dedicated round-the clock nursing staff on duty.

As noted on their website, “Sierra Care provides a continuum of high quality, cost-effective post-acute and rehabilitation options to people with brain, spinal cord and other life-altering injuries and medically-complex illnesses. With program locations throughout central California, Sierra Care offers a distinctive service delivery model, merging an experienced and skilled health care and rehabilitation team with state-of-the-art technology in community-based program settings designed to meet the unique needs of those we serve at every stage of their recovery.”

Among the sub acute recovery programs available are Amputee Care, Complex Wound Care, Congenital Disorders, G- and J-Tube Feeding, Neuromuscular Disorders, Occupational and physical Therapy, and Pulmonary Care. The facility also provides social and recreational activities as well as speech-language pathology.

Your loved one’s injuries may be severe, but the value of a caring , nurturing and professional environment can never be minimized in bringing them (or you) back home again as quickly as possible.

Sierra Care operates three facilities: 33221 Globe Drive, Springville, CA 93265; 33425 Globe Drive, Springville, CA, 93265; and 648 West Sierra Avenue, Clovis, CA. (559-539-1100).

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