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Don’t Miss This Buyable Art Exhibit Closing Saturday

Published on Oct 25, 2022


The Pasadena Society of Artists ‘Artists’ Choice Exhibition is set to take its final bow on Saturday, and it’s worth the trip to Montrose to see it.

The show boasts 41 participating artists, including photographer Cyndi Bemel, ceramist Mariko Bird, painter Rebecca Pollack, Fine Arts professional Marion Dies, and abstract artist Karen Duckles, to name a few.

Tom Oldfield, this year’s Exhibition Chair, believes in promoting the value of artistry in the local scene. “The Pasadena Society of Artists’ core value is to try and encourage and support artists of various mediums in our community,” says Oldfield, “and by that, I mean to support artists to make their art available to the public.”

Oldfield, son of a painter and an artist himself, is an automobile photographer. Oldfield, incidentally, is related to Barney Oldfield, a race car driver in the Pasadena-Altadena area in the early 1900s.

Tom Oldfield

He compares the significance of people’s artistry with symbiotic relationships where “when people get together, whether they’re artists or writers, the group’s synergy and learning is so important to keep moving forward with their creative endeavors.”

The Artist’s Choice Exhibition 2022 highlights a wide range of work from people of a variety of disciplines.

“When people think art, they think sculpture or painting and it’s not just that – there’s glass, there’s pottery, photography. It’s just really kind of an eclectic mix of various art mediums,” says Oldfield.

Ultimately, ACE 2022 drives a sense of purpose to kindle emotional response among its audience.

“I think with any type of art, there’s hope that they (audience) have some kind of emotional response to whatever the artist is trying to say,” Oldfield says.

He believes that with any type of art, the creator does his work for emotional reasons.

“I mean, even as simple as looking at something and smiling or having deeper response,” Oldfield continues, “is kind of successful.”

Adapting to the aftermath of the pandemic, this year’s Artist’s Choice Exhibition also showcases an exhibition catalog that can be ordered online. The catalog houses photographs of every piece of art entered into the Artist’s Choice 2022, its description, and the contact information of the artist.

“I think the pandemic really moved us into this,” claims Oldfield. “The catalogs are like an art show that you can put on your coffee table.”

The Pasadena Society of Artists’ ACE 2022 show runs through October 29 at

Whites Art Framing & Restoration at 2414 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose. Gallery hours are from Tuesday to Saturday at 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

For more information about the event, you may visit or send an email to

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