Enjoy Some of the World’s Greatest Fireworks at Home

Bring the Ka-boom to your living room
By PETER LATHAM, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Jul 1, 2020

So you’ve likely figured out by now that there are no fireworks at the Rose Bowl this year. As the Coronavirus pandemic rages anew, you’ll be at your homes for quite some yet. No beach. No baseball. No movie theaters. You get the idea.

But who says you can’t have fireworks anyway? Hey, you can have them right now, but that would be like opening presents before Christmas, wouldn’t it? Your irresponsible neighbors shooting off illegal fireworks notwithstanding, you can still have enough Ka-boom at home to keep the kids happy.

Come Saturday, power up that gigantic TV that you’re still paying for, and bring on the YouTube. We’ve compiled some of our personal favorites, and only those that are on HD or 4K, and not those shot vertically by a guy who shakes his phone every time the fireworks go off. You’re welcome.

Most of these come from Asia, and are from national and international fireworks competitions. So get on your laptop, go to your YouTube settings to play these in random order. Put the pets away in a (hopefully) quiet room, make enough popcorn to fill the house, crank up the volume to military level, and watch fireworks until you’re numb. And there’s no smoke. Again, you’re welcome.

Try these on for size. they should fit perfectly:

The Kuwano Suigi Fireworks Festival, 2017.More than 45 minutes of breathtaking 4K fireworks in crystal clear audio

The Nagaoka fireworks Festival Show. 20,000 fireworks in two nights, against the backdrop of the Shinano River, the longest in Japan. This one gets intense.

The “Disneyland Forever Fireworks Show”. We don’t honestly know when the Magic Kingdom will reopen. But other than a million other great things, here’s one of the best things about a day at Disneyland.

Click. Watch. Eat popcorn. Ka-boom from all of us to all of you.

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