Formal Parties: Hard Wear On Expensive Clothing

Published on Jun 22, 2018

Formal parties are great fun. Full of good food, drink and laughter, you’re unlikely to ever turn down an invitation to one. However, they also require top notch clothing that doesn’t come cheap and with the risk of someone spilling something on your best dress or suit, it can be hard to keep your most expensive garments looking their best over time.

“When it comes to womenswear, the majority of garments are made from hard-to-care-for fabrics including velvet, silk and satin,” says Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry. “One drop of wine or one smear of food can be enough to ruin the material if you’re not quick and careful.”

Bryan’s advises that when a spillage occurs, blot the stain to avoid any further damage to the fabric. Materials like velvet can even be shaken to remove some of the spillage.

Once the party is over and you’ve have time to cool down, it’s best to bring any outfits having spillage problems to Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry. With their expertise, your stains will vanish and your items will look good as new.

When everything has been cleaned, it’s customary for Bryan’s to give you back your clothes in a special garment bag. While most people will leave their clothes in these bags, it’s actually important to remove them – especially if the bag is plastic. This is to avoid any damage from the plastic’s gases which can give white fabrics a yellowish tinge.

The next time a party calls, remember to take your dresses and suits over to Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry for a good dry clean. Your stains will be gone and your clothes will look and smell fresh ready for the next time the party comes to town.

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