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Local Latino Theater Troupe to Stage Readings of Two Plays During Latino Heritage Month

Published on Sep 19, 2023

The Amapola Players [Photo by Jared Treviño]

Parson’s Nose Theater will be hosting Pasadena theatrical troupe the Amapola Players, for the readings of two new plays on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, Sept. 26 and 27. 

Directed by actor, historian, and writer Roberta H. Martínez, a Pasadena resident, the Amapola Players will present “El Arbol” by Josie Nericcio and Martinez’s own “La Ventura.” 

Parson’s Nose Theater, located in Old Pasadena, said it’s especially proud to be hosting these readings during Latino Heritage Month.

“El Arbol” tells the story of Comadres Anna, Tita, Pancha, and Nelda who gather for their weekly poker game. When a neighborhood tree is cut down, old secrets are revealed, and the depth of their friendship is tested. 

“La Ventura” is the true tale of Ventura Coronado, a young woman who discovers her resilience and strength through hardships she endures while Mexico teeters between the Porfiriato and the Mexican Revolution.

The Amapola Players are an active and engaging part of the local arts scene and have just recently performed at Parson’s Nose Theater on during ArtNight Pasadena’s Fall 2023 event, presenting another a stellar piece by Roberta Martinez. 

The plays will take place on September 26th and 27th at Parson’s Nose Theater located at 95 N. Marengo (entrance on Holly) in Old Pasadena.

Tickets are available online through

A professional non-profit theater company, Parson’s Nose Theater’s mission is to make classic theater and literature more accessible by presenting them through live performances and podcasts. 

The theater is currently celebrating its 24th year of operation.

Amapola Players, through their performances, share stories reflecting the cultural heritage and history of the Southwest, with a particular emphasis on Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley and of those who identify as having roots in the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. The group currently has a partnership with Parson’s Nose Theater for use of rehearsal and performance space, allowing Amapola Players to present their work in front of a live audience.

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