Race At Your Own Pace In Your Own Place with Turkey Trot This Year

Published on Nov 1, 2022


Join Five Acres in their third virtual race to raise money and bring safety, well-being and permanency to children and families across six counties. Five Acres is hosting a Turkey Trot virtual race from now through November 25.


Traditionally, a Turkey Trot is a family and friends reunion that usually takes place on Thanksgiving morning. Participants walk, run, bike or trot together before sitting down for their big Thanksgiving meals. 

This November, people don’t have to wait until the day of Thanksgiving to participate in the traditional Turkey Trot. 


“It’s the same as a regular Turkey Trot, but due to the Covid-19 crisis, there is no set location and does not have to be on Thanksgiving, unless that’s what you want! It can be indoors or outdoors,” according to the event page. 


Registration starts at $25 for one trotter, $45 for two trotters, and a special team price of $90 for groups of four. 


The family-friendly event is not competitive but billed as an event to “limber up before Thanksgiving” and donate to those who need support.

Participants also have the option to set up a team, and set goals for how much money they want to raise. 


Donations and a portion of the registration fee will go to supporting Five Acres’ Permanency Campaign, a campaign for securing permanent homes for children in foster care. 


“The money that you raise and the donation that you make to Five Acres is used to care for children and families in crisis, including foster care, adoption, deaf services, therapeutic residential care for foster youth and community-based mental/behavioral health programs,” according to Five Acres. 

A race package will also be mailed out to participants after registration. 

Since the Turkey Trot is virtual this year, they are encouraging participants to upload “trotting photos” to the Five Acres Turkey Trot 2022 page by tagging @fiveacresorg and using #5ATurkeyTrot2022 on Facebook and Instagram. 

“You aren’t limited to walking, running, biking or trotting. You can also use a treadmill, Peloton, push baby in a stroller through the neighborhood, do yoga or just relax indoors. You decide!”


Sign up to Five Acres Turkey Trot by visiting this



Since 1888, Five Acres has protected the most vulnerable members of our community: children. Serving more than 9,000 children and family members annually across six counties, Five Acres now strives for permanency—a permanent, loving home—for all children in their care. The three pillars of safety, well-being and permanency provide the framework for its programs and guide the steps as the agency develops even more effective means of caring for children and families in crisis.







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