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The Rose Parade Goes Virtual, Sort of

Tournament Of Roses To Host first-ever Rosebud Parade
Published on Apr 14, 2020

You’ve just about viewed every car chase on YouTube, and you’ve found almost every mention of yourself on Google. Who knew you had looked yourself up this many times?

But here’s the question, O Pasadena Virtuality Family: Have you built your Rosebud Parade float yet? 

The Tournament of Roses is hosting its first-ever virtual parade, featuring floats homemade by the public. That would include you.

While parade staff and volunteer members are diligently working on the 2021 Rose Parade presented by Honda, the people at Tournament House just couldn’t wait until New Year’s Day.

Here’s how it will work: First, think of a float idea. Then, gather up materials from around your house—some recycled newspaper, (whatever that is), maybe construction paper, maybe leaves from your yard, perhaps leftover parts from your deck project? How about that American Idol Sanjaya action figure you bought in 2007? 

Then you build the float. Right there at home. Maybe it’s big, maybe it’s miniscule. Maybe it’s beautiful. Maybe it’s ridiculous. That’s the beauty of this whole thing. 

Then, of course, you record a video of your float. Shoot the whole thing, front to back, including all those specialized personalized parts you threw in. Moving, standing still, it’s up to you.

Then, write up a little description of your project. What’s the theme? The name? What’s the inspiration? Who’s that sitting up on top? 

Send that video to by Monday, May 11.

The Rose Parade people will then compile all the videos and premiere them via Facebook Live on May 28, 2020. Tell your friends in Iowa! In Hong Kong! In anywhere. You’re in the parade!

You’re excited to know more. We get that. So click here for everything else you need to know. 

You won’t be bundled up, you won’t be joining the crowds on Colorado Boulevard, you’ll be chilling at home, as your name and fame grow throughout the virtual land. 

As if that’s not enough for you, Paradeheads, the Rose Parade is also making these cool coloring sheets for you.

You can share your completed coloring sheets with the world by emailing them to or tag the Rose Parade with #RoseParade #DreamBelieveAchieve at Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!

Everybody loves a parade.

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