Oral Health for Kids this Halloween

Halloween is a nightmare for kids' teeth, what with all the sweets going around. However, proper oral health care can make up for the deluge of sweets this Hallow's Eve.

Monday, October 28, 2013 | 1:24 pm

Parents no doubt are bracing themselves for a night of sugar-rushed kids and candy-coated teeth this Halloween, and while the effects of that sugar rush will burn out, the effects of sugar on kids’ teeth won’t.

Experts urge parents to monitor the candy intake of their kids, and one of the best ways is to limit the amount they might consume. It would be cruel to deny kids the Halloween experience, but limiting their sugar intake isn’t. In fact, it teaches kids to be more responsible about what they eat.

After trick-or-treating, take all the candies your kids collected and have them choose the top 10 treats they want the most. As for the leftovers, either donate it or store it for the future. If the kids complain, be sure to explain to them how candies can ruin teeth and make them understand that getting cavities is not an option.

While kids are indulging themselves on the treats, have them drink lots of water to wash away the sugar. Do not let them have soda, sweetened juices, or other sugary beverages while eating candy. Fluoridated water is best to make sure tooth decay doesn’t set in.

After kids have had their fill, have them brush their teeth thoroughly to ensure no sugary residue is left in their mouths. Same goes with flossing.

No matter the season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., kids should have a set oral health regimen they should follow. Brushing and flossing two to three times daily, limiting sugary foods and drinks, and drinking lots of water should be the norm.

Brushing may seem like a chore to some kids, instead of making it seem tedious, make the extra effort to make brushing fun. Toothbrushes with cartoon characters, special lights, and the like can help. Toothpastes with different colors and flavors too can go a long way in keeping it fun.

Of course, parents play a huge role in kids’ oral health. Bringing the kids to the dentist every six months and making sure they don’t miss an appointment is very important. For parents who have babies and haven’t brought their kids to the dentist yet, a good rule of thumb is: a kid’s first visit to the dentist should be about six months after the first tooth has appeared.

Kids learn by example, and the best way to have kids practice proper oral health is to practice the same alongside them. A parent who brushes and flosses together with their child goes a long way.

If child is due for a visit to the dentist, Flintridge Dental Studio can accommodate children with the latest dental equipment, and highly skilled dental health practitioners.

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