The Art of Manly Fashion

This May, Mark Piscitelli's Men's Boutique teaches men to dress like gentlemen

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | 2:21 pm

In a time when some “business” men dress like grown-up kids and personal trainers, it seems the fine arts of gentlemanly fashion have been hopelessly lost.


Mark Piscitelli is looking to change that.

This May, Piscitelli’s men’s boutique will be teaching men how to tie neckties and bowties the right ways, and taking their measurements properly so they know (for better or worse) what size garments they should be buying, and generally chatting men’s fashion with the curious and aspiring who don’t know where to turn in today’s big-box-store mall world.

In his gentlemanly way, owner Mark Piscitelli says he wants to impart knowledge and tips of his trade to men who are customers and men who are not.

The reason, he says with a smile, is “educational. They won’t have to depend on their wives.”

Manager Michael Amer adds: “We came up with the idea of giving a tutorial to our dear customers on how to tie a tie in different ways; the Italian way, French way, Half-Windsor, Full -Windsor, English way, and also how to tie a bow tie.”

“Everything you wanted to know and then some,” adds Tim Mangum, sales associate at the Boutique.

Piscitelli says they help customers look good from head to toe, advising them on the best sizes, which colors go with which, what patterns will work, all towards the goal of making men look their best.

“We’re very good at being honest with the customers. We’ll tell them: ‘It doesn’t look well on you, try this.’ Because we don’t want to put something on them that doesn’t complement their color of hair, their skin tone, their eyes,” Piscitelli explains.

One of Pasadena’s “hidden gems,” Mark Piscitelli’s Men’s Boutique has been in the Pasadena Playhouse neighborhood for 25 years. That’s amazing longevity in a retail sector which has seen a dozen men’s shops dwindle to two or three over the last decades.

Piscitelli understands the style of Pasadena men, and clients are given the complete attention they deserve.

“Lots of attention,” says Piscitelli.

Amer adds, “Men in Pasadena, they love to be conservative but with a little bit of flair. So many stores came and left because they didn’t quite understand the mentality here.”

The shop brims with colorful merchandise. It’s obvious that Piscitelli reflects a cosmopolitan, confident point of view for the well-dressed man, and he’s happy to share what he knows with customers.

“We care that they look fine and that they feel fine in wearing what they get. That’s the main thing,” adds Piscitelli.

Choices range from handsome European-made sports coats, trousers, neckwear, leather jackets, formal wear and casual looks.

Though small, the boutique can hold its own with a carefully-curated range of offerings and the added octane of custom shirts and made-to-measure clothing, which virtually assure a man that he can get what he might looking for.

For men, so much of looking great boils down to classic principles of knowledge and good taste, things which must be absorbed and discussed. This May, Mark Piscitelli makes easy to ask all the menswear questions you’ve always wanted answered but were afraid to ask. Stop by!

Mark Piscitelli Men’s Boutique is located at 589 East Green St. (on the corner with Madison Ave.) in Pasadena. For more information, call (626) 578-7382.


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