Alverno High School Juniors and Seniors Enjoy An Evening Aboard The Queen Mary

Aida Mucino and Michael PalomaresAja Gerardo and Jovan GilesAlexis Winstanley, Natalie Pando, and Adriana NavaAmy Aghajanian, Cathy Johnson, and Samuel HoltzAndrew Velasquez and Kimberly GanivetAngel Qiu and Feier MoBen Goettling and Nalani MorenoBrendan Ocasio and Samantha GlassickBritni Delgado and Kelsie KhonsariCaitlyn Delgadillo and Sabrina TorresCameron Martinez and Caitlyn DelgadilloCassidy Castillo and Andrew GarciaCatalina Curren and Selma GaldamezCiara Madigan, Maria Luchetta, and Brady JamesonClara Avila and Alec SanchezDavid Thompson, Julia Goss, and Cooper EnosDina DerVartanian and Christian Ibarradsc_0191Filippo Gabella, Natalie Hernandez-Barber, Jackie Quintero, and Ian FordyceFrancisco Ortega, Alexxa Vasquez, and Cynthia LeeIan Fordyce and Jackie QuinteroIsabel Diaz and Leonardo SanchezJose Ortiz and Danielle RamirezKaren Hanna, Chloe Howorth, and Samantha CarrilloKatie Hourihan, Emma Andres, and Emma UttleyKevin Alacron and Brianna GomezLarissa Hernandez and Noah GuintoMaggie Mikuljan, Moondera Rabb, Jyla Pulley, Chandnee RainaMarisa Dragos, Cathy Johnson, and Samuel HoltzMarquez Fuentes and Natalie ValenciaNaomi Jost, Lisa Costantino, and Marisa DragosNatalie Hernandez-Barber and Filippo GabellaNeal Muir, Cristina Webster, and Etienne BarzalloNikki Lianto and Nicholas CesarioRachel Gonzalez, Allison Johnson, and Gabriel MarquezRiley Luna, Alicia Lindheimer, and Anna SandovalSabrina Torres, Emily Lopez and Matt TauerSelayandia, Ramirez, Quintero, Delgadillo, Madigan, Ganivet, GlassickSienna Ramirez and Madison CarmenateVale Siess, Allison Joseph, and Neal Muir

Article and Photos courtesy of ALVERNO HIGH SCHOOL

3:20 pm | April 20, 2016

On Friday, April 15 the juniors and seniors of Alverno High School, along with their dates, enjoyed a Gatsby themed evening aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach.

The annual Prom, hosted by the Class of 2017 for the Class of 2016, was beautifully planned and included both a private room and private deck for all of the guests to enjoy. Each table was decorated with beautiful centerpieces and 1920s décor that included a souvenir glitter glass keepsake for each attendee.

After enjoying a delicious dinner, the evening commenced with the announcement of Alverno’s Prom Court. In the weeks leading up to the Prom, the Class of 2016 voted for the members of their class who they would like to represent them on the Court. The announcement of the Court was made in late March and the Queen was announced at the Prom on Friday evening. The Prom Court included princesses Kimberly Ganivet, Samantha Glassick, Ciara Madigan, Jackie Quintero, Danielle Ramirez, Camryn Selayandia, and Queen Caitlyn Delgadillo.

Following the Court announcement, the Junior State Governor, Rose Ares, toasted the Class of 2016 before opening the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

“The Prom is really a gift from the Juniors to the Seniors,” said Junior State Governor Rose Ares. “The Seniors have been great friends to us over the years and have helped us to make so many wonderful and lasting memories. It was a privilege to be able to throw them such a beautiful Prom for their last dance at Alverno.”

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