City Offers “Bobcat” Safety Tips After Sightings

Published : Tuesday, December 31, 2013 | 9:52 AM

City officials offer the following information, tips and reminders to the public in response to recent sightings of a bobcat in Pasadena’s Historic Highlands neighborhood.

While bobcats are very rare, they are also indigenous to Southern California, including the San Gabriel Mountains and Pasadena’s foothill areas. They are an important part of the ecosystem.

People often mistake bobcats for mountain lions, but bobcats are smaller than mountain lions and have the signature “bobbed” tails. Bobcats generally are solitary, secretive animals and, while sightings are rare, they have been previously spotted in some Pasadena neighborhoods.

City officials advise that if you encounter a bobcat:

· Do not approach.

· Do not run away.

· Try to make yourself look bigger. Raise your arms, make noise and speak loudly to help scare them away.

· Report sightings as soon as possible to Pasadena Humane Society, (626) 792-7151.

· Never hike alone. Always stay on trails; keep small children close to you and dogs on a lease.


Officials offered these tips to “Bobcat Proof” your home:

· Keep your pets inside at night and keep any livestock secure.

· Do not leave pet food outside.

· Keep garbage & compost in closed, sturdy containers.

· Keep shrubbery trimmed to reduce hiding spots.

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