Councilmember John Kennedy's Community Meeting Today Combines District Business With Holiday Party and Giving Back

Published : Sunday, December 8, 2019 | 1:30 AM

Councilmember John Kennedy shown greeting guests at his District holiday gathering in 2018.

Councilmember John J. Kennedy will make giving back a central part of his Community Meeting and annual Holiday Gathering at Pasadena Central Library today.

The meeting will feature an overview of key issues and activities with updates for residents from key City Departments.

The Councilmember is also giving away turkey and ham to those in need, to brighten their holidays.

Kennedy said he’s grateful to be able to provide the support.

“The community has come together and provided a tremendous amount of support and donations to make the holiday gathering happen,” Kennedy said. “And you know, I just simply want to say ‘Thank You’ to all those who found it in their heart to share with the community.”

Kennedy said he wants to make the public aware of important issues in the community and in particular District 3, but also wants people to know what is available to help through the holidays.

“We’ll have an overview of key issues and activities in the District and then we’ll have updates from the Pasadena Police Department and updates from the libraries and information services department,” he said. “That part of the event will last about 45 minutes to an hour and then the actual gathering will take place.”

Kennedy said it’s his duty to help out.

“I provide information about what’s going on in District 3, we have highlights and we come together as a community and really celebrate the successes over the year,” he said.

“We’ll have the police chief talking about his reorganization plan. We’ll have the library talking about what they’re doing as it relates to library science and advancing the culture of library science in the community and the importance of libraries and what they offer in terms of building community. And then we’ll have questions from the audience.”

“Then after the community meeting takes place and at the community meeting, we’ll have someone who will have an affirmation for Muslims, affirmation for Christians, the affirmations for those who are Jewish and an affirmation at the very end for those who are Buddhists.”

“And then we’ll retire from there and we’ll have the community gathering,” he said “The community gathering will take place in the Great Hall. And so it’s a catered event. There’ll be an art exhibit. There’ll be a DJ, the Pasadena poets providing poetry readings throughout the late afternoon into early evening.

There will also be a special Santa Claus, played by Commander Arthur Chute.

The objective is to bring District 3 together as a family, Kennedy said. But really anyone who would like to participate is welcome.

Kennedy is accepting donations from the community to help pay the caterers.

He said others expected on hand include Congresswoman Judy Chu, Mayor Terry Tornek. In the past, Kathryn Barger, the LA County Supervisor, has attended.

Holiday cheer will also come in the form of refreshments and movies and there will also be children caroling through the Great Hall and other areas of the library.

“We’ll have toys that have been donated from a number of donors, including local business people in the city of Pasadena,” Kennedy said. “There’ll be bicycles in the Donald Wright Auditorium, and movies like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ will be screening.”

As for people who are in need of a holiday meal, families can come and request a turkey or a ham, one per family. They’ll receive a ticket and will be able to pick up their turkey or their ham on December 11 at Robinson Park.

The John J. Kennedy Community Meeting and Holiday Gathering will be held on Sunday, December 8 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Pasadena Central Library, 285 E. Walnut Street.

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