Finally, A Cut Federal Workers Will Welcome

Published : Friday, February 1, 2019 | 6:31 AM

Just because the federal shutdown has temporarily ended doesn’t mean the goodwill has to.

A local salon is proving exactly that. Scizzor Group Ltd will give free haircuts to people affected by the government shutdown on Sunday, February 10th,

All you need to access one of the several talented stylists that work under the Scizzor Group banner is a valid government ID.

Did we mention it’s free?

This event is occurring 117 West Green Street in Old Pasadena. In addition to the haircuts, “we’ll have food and drinks and entertainment to keep them occupied,” says Christopher Healy, owner of Scizzor Group Ltd.

What prompted Healy to give complimentary haircuts to federal workers? “I’m doing okay in life right now,” he explained, “but I haven’t always…I’ve been up and down many times.”

This isn’t the first time Scizzor Group has given back to the community. In the past, when Healy and his wife/business partner Carole’s clients have fallen on hard times, the couple has offered the haircuts gratis.

“When you can afford it, you’ll start paying again,” he tells the clients.

Between he and his wife, Christopher is the cutter. Originally from the UK, he spent decades teaching haircutting techniques around the world. His wealth of knowledge is now Pasadena-based.

Carole, a native Pasadenan, is the colorist, and she maintains an impressive portfolio of VIP clientele that travel from various states to take advantage of her unique skill set.

When Healy first started out, the idea was to provide enterprising hair designers with the location, equipment, and a Scizzor Group business license to run their own businesses.

“The industry standard is people want to rent a chair and we thought, well, if they want to rent a chair, why not rent the whole salon and let them run a business?” said Healy.

Three locations are governed by this initial concept, and the other five are run by Christopher and Carole, who also take personal appointments.

In their first salon, the duo had almost 30 employees and provided training and assistance to their stylists. Some of the leading stylists in Pasadena were once trained by the couple.

They continue to provide education and training. “There are about 40 stylists and, every six weeks, we have an education class on a Monday and those classes include or involve cutting, coloring, business direction, and social media,” said Christopher.

Scizzor Group Ltd. has four locations in Pasadena, and four more in Arcadia, Monrovia, Sierra Madre and Altadena.

Visit for location information.

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