Friends in Deed Readies Opening of Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter

Published : Monday, December 2, 2019 | 5:19 AM

As temperatures drop and a series of winter storms sweep across Southern California, Pasadena nonprofit Friends In Deed plans to open its annual bad weather shelter starting on Dec. 4.

The shelter will be open every Wednesday, regardless of weather, and on any other day where the temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or when there is a 40 percent chance of evening rain forecasted.

“It will create some consistency for our homeless neighbors,” Bad Weather Shelter Program Assistant Rachel McHenry explained.

“Azusa Pacific University student nurses are onsite Wednesdays to provide various health services such as blood pressure readings, basic wound care, foot washes, ChapCare referrals and more,” said McHenry.

There will also be a social worker on hand.

Guests leave the shelter by 7 am each morning.

The shelter does not accommodate families; just individuals.

“However, if a family does show up, we would work with them in receiving assistance by dialing 211, which is Los Angeles County’s health and human services hotline,” pledged McHenry.

Friends in Deed, she said, is always on the lookout for volunteers, regardless of faith or background, to work in the kitchen and help set up the shelter.

Younger helpers must be over 15 and accompanied by an adult.

Friends in Deed’s website said its operation is the only bad weather shelter in Pasadena.

“Dinner meals are always provided,” said Bad Weather Shelter Program Assistant Rachel McHenry. “We rely heavily on our wonderful, dedicated volunteers to provide a hot comfort meal plate freshly prepared and cooked on-site in the church kitchen.”

The Bad Weather Shelter first opened in 1986 in response to the emergency needs of homeless persons in Pasadena who lacked adequate refuge during the cold and wet winter months.

Visit the website at Pasadena Covenant Church Gym, 539 North Lake Avenue Doors on Wednesdays open at 8 p.m. with exit time set for 7 a.m.

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