Police: Ten Tips for Holiday Shopping Safety

Published : Thursday, November 28, 2019 | 5:13 AM

Let the holiday shopping season begin — but let it begin safely, say Pasadena police, who offer these 10 tips for a more enjoyable holiday season unmarred by theft.

Be sure to follow these rules to ensure to protect yourself and your family:

1. Do not carry a big wallet as these wallets are easy targets for the thieves. Minimize the size of wallet (i.e. carry only the minimal number of credit cards/identifications) to reduce the bulky size of the wallet.

2. Use a purse with a zippered closure and make sure you keep it zipped closed. Bags that use only a simple snap or flap closure are easily accessed by thieves.

3. Never put your bag down or let it out of your view….this includes hanging it over your seat while in a restaurant. Thieves are very skilled at walking by and removing items from the purse, regardless if you are sitting in the chair.

4. If traveling during the holidays, Rule #3 applies here too. Never leave your bag unattended or out of your view if at the airport, on a plane or any other mode of travel where you are surrounded by strangers.

5. Wear a purse that can be across the body and keep a hand on the purse. A purse that is simply slung over the shoulder is an easy target for thieves to grab and go.


And with the increase in online shopping, there are new concerns about ensuring you actually receive those presents you ordered! Pasadena police offer you these tips to foil porch pirates:

1. Schedule deliveries when you are home or use the delivery service’s notification/alert system to know exactly when your package arrives.

2. Check to see if the delivery service has a locker service. The company will deliver the package to the designated locker location rather than your front porch and allow the customer to pick up the package from the locker with a digital code that is electronically sent to the customer. Certain rules apply to this type of service.

3. Install security camera systems (including the video doorbell cameras) which cover the porch

4. Have your package delivered to an alternate location such as a neighbor or family member who you know will be home.

5. Opt for In-Store pickup.

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