Religious Film Series Produced at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Pasadena

Published : Saturday, March 4, 2017 | 7:11 PM

The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology has released its free video study series called “The Bible and The Sacraments,” an 11-lesson DVD series mainly filmed at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Pasadena.

St. Andrew’s was founded in 1886. It is the oldest Catholic parish in Pasadena and one of the oldest in Los Angeles County. Its Romanesque Revival campanile bell tower is visible for miles and is one of the landmarks of Pasadena. The current church, built in 1927, was modeled after the Basilica of St. Sabina in Rome.

The Bible and Sacraments series, which normally sells for $99.95, is being offered free this Lenten season, says Matthew Leonard, the executive producer in charge of all media at the St. Paul Center.

“It’s a phenomenal way for people to make Lent matter,” Leonard tells the National Catholic Register. “The center is really focused on helping people fall in love with Jesus through sacred Scripture.”

Leonard also appears as the host of this series.

“It’s a big-budget production,” Leonard said, explaining how the series was mainly filmed at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, although the production also traveled on location nationally and internationally.

The series is the latest addition to the St. Paul Center’s Journey Through the Scriptures program, which Leonard says is the flagship to the Center’s outreach to the laity.

Last year, the St. Paul Center offered “The Bible and the Virgin Mary” as its first free series. The phenomenal response saw an estimated 100,000 people in 140 countries participating.

“The Bible and the Sacraments” is considered a biblical catechesis which focuses on where the sacraments came from, what they mean and why they are so foundational in Catholic belief.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington reads scripture in the series.

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