Clairbourn Middle School Band Disneyland Music Workshop

On Thursday, May 16, students in the Clairbourn Symphony, which is made-up of students in the Clairbourn Band and String Ensemble, took a field trip to California Adventure to have a professional music workshop experience inside a real Disney recording studio. A Disney conductor-composer worked with the students. He taught them what it is like to be a professional studio musician.

The Disney conductor-composer gave the attendees music to a scene from The Lion King movie, and gave the students only three minutes to learn it. Then, he rehearsed the Clairbourn Symphony, teaching as he went. When ready, our students played the music as the audio engineer recorded. This process was repeated, as needed, until the a track was ready to be married to the actual Disney movie scene. Students and teachers then watched the movie clip with Clairbourn’s music.

This process was repeated with one Disney movie clip after another. Music Director, Rosemary Kiertzner, spoke about and showed only a small portion of their studio work on The Lion King movie clip at the Morning Assembly.

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