Clairbourn to Rededicate Athletic Field for Scott Studenmund

Green Beret Staff Sergeant Scott Studenmund
Scott wins the The Niijar Sportsmanship Award in 2001, a scholarship designed to recognize a student who has demonstrated dedication, persistence, team spirit, and outstanding good sportsmanship while supporting Clairbourn School on a sports team. Scott is shown with his parents Jaynie and Woody Studenmund and his sister Connell.

In the fall of 1992 at three years of age, Scott Richard Studenmund joined the Clairbourn family as a preschooler and immediately began distinguishing himself. It wasn’t his cautious stride, or his curious manner, or even his amazing curls. Although the youngest in his class, his teacher saw that he had very mature reasoning skills, and he was quite verbal. Throughout his early schooling his teachers used descriptions like, “well-mannered, observant, inquisitive, self-con­trolled, and a mind for details.” He loved math, science, language, P.E., and he excelled in these areas and many more.

We were fortunate to have had Scott, as a Clairbourn student, for ten years. During that time he proved himself to be an amazing athlete, exhibited tremendous leadership skills and a helpful spirit, and academically received all “As” and “excellent” marks for citizenship. He was even awarded the Nijjar Sportsmanship Scholarship in 2001.

In June of 2014, Green Beret Staff Sergeant Scott Studenmund, from the Clairbourn Class of 2004, was killed in combat in Afghanistan. The loss to those who love and remember him is profound. Scott was the uncommon embodiment of moral, ethical, and spiritual values: High intellect, high commitment, high honor. What better example can be given? What better life can be lived?

Scott’s Clairbourn yearbook photo from 1998 when he was in the second grade.

To honor this extraordinary young man, Clairbourn School is having a special ceremony at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, November 21, 2014. This event will include a Chapel service in the Multi-Purpose Building followed by a special Athletic Field Rededication ceremony. A new scoreboard bearing Scott’s name will be revealed as well as a bronze plaque highlighting his student accomplishments and military service. The Studenmund family will be in attendance. No RSVP is necessary, and the event will last about an hour. For questions about the ceremony, call Marilyn Guyer at (626) 286-3108.

For those wishing to honor Scott’s life, contributions can be made to The Scott Studenmund award for Leadership, Commitment, and Service at Clairbourn School. This scholarship fund will recognize and encourage high student achievement in all areas of student endeavor and will be awarded each year to a 4th-7th grade student of merit. Visit to donate.

Clairbourn School, 8400 Huntington Drive, San Gabriel, (626) 286-3108 or visit




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