Mayfield Junior School: Let the Sorting Begin

Published : Friday, November 20, 2015 | 3:25 PM

Green bibs are appearing all over campus each Friday this fall as the Mayfield Junior School Third Grade has kicked off their paper-recycling project, Green Team. Students will be busy collecting, weighing, analyzing, and graphing data about our school’s paper usage as part of their grade level service-learning project, Caring For God’s Creation. This yearlong project is designed to go beyond merely collecting, and challenge students to brainstorm ways for reducing and reusing the recycled paper they’ve collected.

As the project continues homerooms will be a whirl of activity each week as students separate paper into various types: glossy, newsprint, cardboard, white, color, card stock, and office paper and load trash bags for the recycling center all the while bonding in an esprit de corps unique to the MJS Green Team. Let the sorting begin!

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