Sequoyah School's Social Innovation Program

Finding Your Challenge and Community

Published : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | 7:30 PM

To prepare graduates for a highly interconnected world facing complex social and environmental challenges, Sequoyah School students are required to complete a four year Social Innovation Program (SIP) designed to not only cultivate students’ empathy, and passion for doing good, but the foundational skills of social entrepreneurs.
These skills include ethical decision making, research, including ethnographic methods and statistics, an ability to take a systems approach to problem solving, practical knowledge of innovation strategies, and an understanding of what leads to sustainable impact.

Developing successful impact projects will encourage each student to focus their time, energy and interests. In doing so they will be answering questions like: What does it mean to be a social entrepreneur? How should social entrepreneurs approach local issues in a globalized world? How can I have a lasting impact? How can I apply my understanding and learn from professionals?

The impact project team will demonstrate their collective understanding of the scope of the challenge, encompassing an awareness of cultural context, stakeholder perspectives and needs—what has not worked and why —using feedback to describe what indeed may work and how. The project team will be assessed on their critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

Meet the Social Innovation Program Advisors

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