Southwestern Academy’s Halloween Celebration

Loud noises of screaming from scary movies, sugar rushes of laughter and surprises that overwhelmed the campus while dressed up in costumes … it’s that time of the year! Many domestic and international students come together to dress up, exchange candy grams, watch scary movies, create haunted house mazes and challenge each other to fun games and activities. Having started the school year five weeks ago with new and returning students still getting acquainted with each other, Halloween solidifies the unity and bonds between them.

Southwestern Academy’s clubs worked really hard together by putting candy grams together, placing decorations in place, carving pumpkins and presenting games. Girls and boys who come from all over the world along with domestic Americans within the 6th through 12th grade ranges, helped each other with picking out costumes and putting makeup on each other. The piles of candy surrounded students’ desks, and every student received at least a couple of bags full. A lot of sugar consumption was made throughout the day that maintained energy and the Halloween spirit of fun.

During the costume contest, the whole student body cheered each other on when they would individually go up on stage showcasing their costumes and afternoon game triumphs. Students laughed together during the game challenges of the bobbing for apples, witches’ dresses, hot dog eating competition and just having a great time. Some students shined with their display of their creative introductions and fun personalities when going up on stage.

Southwestern Academy’s faculty and staff also joined in the fun by dressing up, laughing, playing games and cheering on along with the students. They are also the key components towards building school unity and supporting student successes in and out of classes throughout the new school year.

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