VADA Interns Creates Beautiful Mural in Pasadena High School

Published : Friday, June 21, 2019 | 7:17 PM

“We did it!” The amazing Pasadena High School’s Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) interns finished up the 12×16 foot mural on campus yesterday. They were inspired by mythology and ancient greek and roman vase aesthetics in their design. The illustration is about is a three headed bulldog version of Cerberus, acts as guardian to all things PHS, each head wears a unique medallion boasting the characteristics of a Bulldog. A bulldog has Perseverance, Strength, and is Gentle. The figures and symbols featured represent many of the interests/ areas of study and creativity found in PHS students. Ms Gorecki (VADA lead teacher) and Mr Archuleta (GCA lead teacher) are honored to be featured in the mural as well. Pasadena High School congratulates class of 2020 VADA interns on an incredible job!

The Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) in Creative Arts Media and Design (CAMAD) at Pasadena High School is a studio arts focused program within PUSD. Students explore traditional and digital media cross curricular integrated projects and daily studio practice.

For more information, visit or their Facebook Page.






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