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Council Approves Two International Soccer Matches in Rose Bowl

License Agreement for pair of July events approved

Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 | 5:32 am

As part of Monday’s consent calendar, the City Council approved a license agreement with AEG for two international soccer matches to be held in July.

No further information about the teams playing the matches was made public.

“The RBOC (Rose Bowl Operating Company) has the opportunity to host two international soccer matches with AEG in July 2023. AEG, who owns the LA Galaxy who used to play at the Rose Bowl, is the RBOC’s soccer partner on all matches at the stadium,” according to a City staff report. “The attendance for each event is expected to be approximately 50,000-80,000 per match. The RBOC Board approved these items unanimously at the RBOC Board meeting on October 6.”

The soccer matches are the 20th and 21st ‘displacement events’ planned for next year. 

The first 19 displacement events in 2023 are six scheduled UCLA football games, the Rose Bowl Game, 10 Music Festival dates, and one soccer match with Soccer United Marketing, and one already approved soccer match with AEG in February.

According to the Arroyo Public Lands Ordinance, the City seeks to achieve balance between the use of the Rose Bowl and impact of such use on surrounding residential areas. 

To achieve that balance, the ordinance limits the number of displacement events to no more than 15 in any calendar year except with the permission of the City Council. 

To exceed 15 displacement events, the City Council must make certain findings.  

According to the staff report, the events will make more than $300,000 for the RBOC for each match, and the City would receive a positive economic impact as a result of the portion of sales tax and bed tax that will revert to the City and to businesses in the City arising from significant fan presence in Pasadena. 

The RBOC is looking for ways to increase revenue. 

The fiscal 2023 budget plan for the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC) which projected a loss of $2.8 million. The loss would be covered by the RBOC’s operating reserves,

The events would also increase the stadium’s stature and not create unique conflicts with other events taking place within the Arroyo Seco, according to a report signed by Rose Bowl General Manager Jens Weiden.

Here are the other items that were approved on Monday’s consent calendar:

  • An amendment to a contract with CityWise to increase funding for consulting services connected to Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention (HHAP) grant funding.  The City manager would be authorized to amend contracts with CityWise to increase the contract to $105,620 and $130,620 respectively. On April 25, 2022, City Council approved a contract with CityWise in the amount of $99,995 as the result of a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process to provide consulting services to develop a local hom~lessness plan as required to receive a third round of state Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention (HHAP) funding. Since the contract’s execution, the state released the HHAP- Round 4 (“HHAP-4”) application which requires the City to establish quantifiable performance goals and strategies to achieve these goals, which are derived from the local homelessness plan that is currently being developed by CityWise. As such, staff recommend amending Contract No. 32260 to increase the contract value by an additional $5,625 to provide additional consulting services necessary to compile and submit a thorough funding application as required by the state.
  • The issuance of a purchase order in the amount of $175,000 to Maxim Healthcare Services Holdings, inc. for contracted nursing services. Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, the Pasadena Public Health Department has been steadfast in leading the community through the COVID-19 public health emergency. High workloads and a competitive marketplace demand for qualified nurses have made hiring and retaining nurses a challenge. During this time, the Department contracted for additional nursing services to support staff efforts in a variety of pandemic response activities . including vaccination clinics and investigation and contact tracing. Contracted nursing services has provided the Department flexibility to expand and contract operation to align With the demands of the pandemic response. The purchase order is needed to pay the invoices. 
  • A resolution Establishing Three New Classifications and Salaries and Updating Salaries of Fourteen Existing Classifications:  As part of a recent classification and compensation review, Human Resources recommends establishing three new classifications and updating the existing salary control rate of fourteen classifications. The -recommended salary control rates for all classifications were determined following an analysis of comparable classifications in the labor market and/or an analysis of internal alignment with comparable classifications within the City. All recommended changes are intended to support the City’s ability to recruit and retain skilled personnel in a highly competitive labor market.
  • A contract with Public Risk Innovation Solutions Management (PRISM), a California Joint Powers Authority, sub-contracting with Managed Health Network, LLC (MHN) for a total amount not-to-exceed $179,280 over a three-year term with the option to extend the contract by two optional one-year extension periods. The value of each optional one-year extension period is not-to-exceed $59,760.
  • A resolution amending the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 General Fee Schedule to allow cost recovery for administering the carrying concealed weapons (CCW) permit process.  While the General Fee Schedule is typically reviewed and updated annually, revisions are made periodically throughout the year as needed. The Police Department is proposing four new fees and revising two existing fees to support its implementation of new Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW) procedures. 
  • A one-year contract with White Box Technologies, Inc. to provide migration services of CAD/RMS police data in an amount not to exceed $133,452. For the past twelve and half years, the Pasadena Police Department (PPD) has relied on a suite of public safety technology products and services acquired through the West Covina Service Group (WCSG), which is an enterprise of the City of West Covina Police Department. Those products and services have included Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), a Mobile Data System (MDS), and a Records Management System (RMS) to manage and administer the department’s policing operations and services. PPD also relies on support from staff in the Department of Information Technology (DolT) for infrastructure, hardware, application administration, and database support related to the WCSG system.
  • Authorization for the City Manager to execute all grant-related documents pertaining to the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) award in the amount of $40,233; and amend the Fiscal Year 2023 Operating Budget by recognizing revenue and appropriations of $40,233 in the Police Department’s General Fund. On August 9, 2021, The Pasadena Police Department submitted an application requesting grant funding for $40,233 to purchase equipment for the Criminal Investigations Division and the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT). The intent is to use the funding to purchase audio recording equipment and to replace the current communication system crisis negotiators utilize in the field. The grant will allow the police department to further our mission of protecting the public by providing personnel with upgraded technologies that increase our efficiency and success. 
  • Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2023 Operating Budget by recognizing revenue and appropriations of $350,000 in the Police Department’s General Fund. the Pasadena Police Department (PPD) per the Budget Act of 2022 for the Use of Force and De-escalation Training Pilot Program. These funds shall only be used for Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) approved Use of Force and De-escalation Training, including self-guided training approved by the Commission on POST pursuant to Section 1053 of Title 11 of the California Code of Regulations. This section allows for distance learning course certification. Training that provides flexible modes of use, such as mobile platforms, or training that utilizes the use of body camera footage, shall be prioritized. In addition to existing mandatory Perishable Skills Program (PSP) training and Continuing Professional Training (CPT), California POST recently mandated the addition of four PSP hours of Use of Force training to be completed by December 31, 2022. This Use of Force training will remain as a requirement for all subsequent POST cycles.
  •  An agreement with the California Board of State and Community Corrections (“BSCC”) to accept and administer $1,143,953 in Proposition 47 grant funds on behalf of the City of Pasadena to expand Pasadena Outreach Response Team (“PORT”) services through June 1, 2026. Amend the Fiscal Year 2023 Public Health Department operating budget by recognizing and appropriating $60,717 of BSCC Proposition 47 funding awarded to the Department in September 2022. Authorize the City Manager to enter into a contract with the Union Station Homeless Services for Licensed Clinical Social Worker (“LCSW”) Services for three years, contingent on continued grant funding, in an amount not to exceed $567,000. Authorize the City Manager to enter into a contract, with Huntington Health (formerly called Huntington Hospital) to provide nursing services, contingent on continued grant funding, in an amount not to exceed $231,446. To serve the needs of the Pasadena homeless population, the Pasadena Public Health Department (“Department”) in partnership with the Pasadena Fire Department (“PFD”) launched the Pasadena Outreach Response Team (“PORT”) in 2019. PORT provides field-based support and advocacy for people experiencing homelessness, living with chronic health conditions, and/or diagnosed with mental health and/or substance use disorders. PORT uses a unique cross-sector approach delivered by a case manager/social worker, a firefighter, and a peer navigator in a proactive manner to address issues before a crisis. In July 2021, the City expanded the program by adding a second PORT team, which in addition to providing case management services, responds to 9-1-1 dispatch calls related to people experiencing homelessness. These services reduce the need for law enforcement response to homelessness concerns. During Fiscal Year 2022, the PORT team responded to 552 calls for service.

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