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Maintenance of Hahamongna Projects Included In Council’s Monday’s Consent Calendar

Published on Monday, October 18, 2021 | 5:00 am

As part of its Consent Calendar, the City Council on Monday will consider entering into a $628,000 contract for maintenance, monitoring and reporting services for Berkshire Creek, Oak Grove Park and Lower Arroyo Seco Habitat Restoration projects.

The city has completed habitat restoration projects in the Berkshire Creek, Oak Grove Park and Lower Arroyo Seco areas of the Arroyo Seco Natural Park. The Berkshire Creek and Oak Grove Park area improvements projects are located in Hahamongna Watershed Park (HWP) and have met habitat restoration objectives identified in the HWP Master Plan for the improvement of habitat quality, including increasing plant and animal species diversity. 

Additional enhancements to Berkshire Creek included storm drain channel improvements that were designed to enhance water quality and reduce erosion. The construction of a new pedestrian/equestrian bridge over the creek was also completed to eliminate foot traffic through the creek.

“To ensure the success of the habitat restoration areas and to meet the obligations of the regulatory permits issued, the city must establish a five-year maintenance and monitoring program for the health and survival of new plants/shrubs and tree plantings, monitoring and removal of non-native/invasive species, replacements due to attrition, water quality testing of Berkshire Creek and annual reporting to federal regulatory agencies,” according to a city staff report. 

The scope of services under this contract consists of  maintenance and monitoring of three habitat restoration projects reporting services as required by the regulatory permits issued by federal jurisdictional agencies. 

Psomas, the Culver City construction engineering company that will be awarded the contract if approved, operates an office in Pasadena. Psomas currently has contracts with the city’s Public Works and Water and Power departments.

The council agenda’s Consent Calendar includes a number of items that can be decided at once with a sweep motion for approval with little or no discussion. Items requiring a fuller discussion can be taken off the list for further review after the rest of the Consent Calendar is decided.

Following are the remaining items on Monday’s Consent Calendar:

  • A license agreement with ACCO Engineered Systems for use of city fiber, resulting in up to $319,485 in revenue to the city over the initial five-year term of the agreement. The vote would also authorize the city manager to extend the agreement for two optional one-year terms in the amount of $63,897 per extension, for a maximum term of seven years, and revenue up to $447,278. 
  • A five-year $1.5 million contract with HR Green Pacific, Inc. for as-needed telecommunications facilities permit processing and construction management consultant services and an additional $1.5 million contact with KOA for similar services.
  • An amendment to increase contracts with KPFF Consulting Engineers, Dahlin Group and Black O’Dowd Associates for $160,000, $620,000 and $650,000, respectively, for on-call architectural engineering services. KPFF is responsible for the structural assessment as part of the Central Library building systems and structural assessments and the design of the Washington Park Community House and Restroom design phase projects. Dahlin Group is responsible for the design of the Robinson Park pool and pool building. Black O’Dowd is responsible for the design of Fire Station 33, Fire Station 37, and Fire Station 38 as part of fire station renovations and improvements; the design of Fire Station 31 seismic retrofit and the design of the Villa Parke Community Center improvements.
  • A $1 million contract with CJ Concrete Construction for sidewalk repair. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, removal and replacement of portions of damaged concrete improvements including sidewalk, colored sidewalk, driveway apron, and associated tree root pruning/cutting, traffic control, and miscellaneous appurtenant work at various locations citywide. 
  • A $1.28 million contract with Select Electric for Adaptive Traffic Control NetworkPhase II Traffic Signal Modification at multiple corridors project. This project provides for the installation of new traffic signal cabinets and video detection cameras which provides additional adaptive traffic control capabilities within the mobility corridor network. Adaptive Traffic Control (ATC) is the dynamic adjustment of traffic signal timing based on actual demand. There are existing ATC capabilities recently installed and operational along Fair Oaks Avenue, Raymond Avenue, Arroyo Parkway and Marengo Avenue. This project will provide ATC capabilities along California Boulevard — St. John Avenue to Lake Avenue; Del Mar Boulevard — St. John Avenue to Oak Knoll Avenue; Lake Avenue — San Pasqual Street to Orange Grove Boulevard; and Foothill Boulevard — Sierra Madre Boulevard to Michillinda Avenue. See Attachment A for a map of the area.
  • A resolution for the creation of 42 air parcels for residential condominium purposes and one commercial unit at 178 S. Euclid Ave. The developer’s surveyor completed the final map which has been reviewed and approved by the city’s survey consultant. The map is now ready for the City Council’s approval prior to recordation in the office of the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder/County Clerk. The developer has complied with or provided surety for all the conditions of approval required by the city. The site was previously occupied with an office building and a parking lot and did not contain any residential dwelling units. The proposed project is not subject to the city’s Tenant Protection Ordinance requirements because it does not entail the demolition/removal of housing units and the displacement of tenants. 
  • City officials are recommending the council reject all bids received on Oct. 5 in response to the notice inviting bids to provide services for K-rail removal for Rose Parade and on-call services. With the return of the annual Rose Parade, Department of Transportation (DOT) staff met with Tournament of Roses staff and the Pasadena Police Department to discuss potential impacts that on-street dining would have on the parade route. After reviewing all existing on-street dining locations, it was determined that the on-street dining along Colorado Boulevard would need to be removed prior to the parade.

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One thought on “Maintenance of Hahamongna Projects Included In Council’s Monday’s Consent Calendar

  • Finally removing the largely now unused on-street dinung eyesores and traffic safety hazards on Colorado….? So, how long will all of the hiking trails that have been closed in the Hahmongna restoration? Will they ever be reopened to public use in a public park?