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Pasadena Police Received First Request For Concealed Carry Permit Two Hours After Supreme Court Gun Ruling

Published on Tuesday, July 5, 2022 | 4:18 pm

Less than two hours after the Supreme Court made a controversial ruling on a New York gun law, the Pasadena Police Department received a request for a concealed carry permit.

On June 23 the high court issued its ruling that the Constitution provides a right to carry a gun outside the home.

“Within two hours of the Supreme Court’s decision, I received my first inquiry asking when and how we are changing our policy that governs the issuance of concealed weapon permits,” said Chief Jason Clawson.

The ruling struck down a longstanding New York requirement, similar to California’s, requiring people to show a “special need” to carry a concealed weapon, beyond a simple desire for self-defense.

The ruling has had an impact across the country, rendering laws in 12 other states unconstitutional.

Gun-rights advocates have hailed the ruling as removing an undue restriction on gun ownership. Opponents said the ruling will lead to more guns on the streets, endangering the public.

Almost immediately the number of people applying for concealed-weapon permits in Los Angeles County started to rise, according to Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who said that the county could potentially see as many as 50,000 such permits ultimately issued.

In LA County applicants — following state regulations — were required to show good cause to obtain such a permit, and the number issued was traditionally a few dozen each year.

Clawson said the ink is still wet on the decision and the city is navigating its next steps on the process. Clawson said the department’s man-power and limited resources will be put to the test, but added that the police department will continue to obey the constitution and enforce the laws as necessary.

“One thing that cannot be discounted is the unintended consequences this decision may have in our community,” Clawson said. “There are far too many shootings in society with safeguards already in place as more guns directly impact officer safety which remains paramount in my eyes. Additionally, other anomalies will be in play such as weapons being lost, stolen if left in vehicles, accidental shootings, and the brandishing of firearms during road rage or other incidents of people experiencing a crisis.

“We must support the Supreme Court decision and my concerns do not rest with the law-abiding members of our community who practice safe storage / handling of their firearms and exhibit personal responsibility, but rather those who avert current gun laws and embody ill will.”

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