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Protesters March Again in Pasadena

Non-violent demonstrations marred by run-ins with motorists; one motorist arrested

Published on Monday, June 1, 2020 | 4:47 am

For the second day in a row, demonstrators marched through Pasadena to Old Pasadena in protest of the Minneapolis Police killing of George Floyd. Both weekday protests were peaceful for the most part, but the Sunday event was marred by run-ins with motorists.

On Sunday, nearly a hundred protesters met in Pintoresca Park in Northwest Pasadena, and marched south down Fair Oaks toward Old Pasadena. At some points, the marchers marched in the northbound lanes. 

When they reached the intersection of Fair Oaks and Orange Grove, the marchers formed a square, blocking the intersection. 

The marchers chanted, danced, and held the intersection for about 10-15 minutes, before moving on south down Fair Oaks. Most motorists turned away from the intersection, rather than challenge the protestors, and there was no visible police reaction.

The protesters formed another square at the intersection of Fair Oaks and Colorado as they made speeches and chanted protest slogans.

While the participants were loud but peaceful, three incidents marred the event. In the first, a large 4-Wheeler-type truck sporting a large American flag and a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag in the back, deliberately roared through the intersection, screeching loudly as he skidded left on Fair Oaks from Colorado, spewing black exhaust, and narrowly missing dozens of protesters. The truck then sped off east on Green Street.

According to Pasadena Police, a motorist was later arrested, following the incident, on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. 

Police arrested San Marino resident Benjamin Hung, 28. A firearm was recovered from his vehicle.

Hung was released Sunday night on $30,000 bond. Police said his truck was impounded.

According to several social media accounts, the same truck was also spotted at violent demonstrations in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday.

Later, a dark-colored late model Lexus attempted to move through the intersection. It was surrounded by protestors who banged and kicked on the car before being told to stop by event organizers. The car moved forward, hesitated, and then accelerated through the intersection with one of the protesters trapped on the hood. 

The car slowed just past the intersection, and the protestor, who asked to be identified only as “Michael” rolled off  the car, scraping his elbow. He walked away from the incident.

Later, a Dodge Challenger sped towards the intersection honking, before stopping at the light. The female driver, after being directed by protesters to turn around, eventually made a u-turn to head back east down Colorado. 

At that point, Pasadena motorcycle officers blocked Colorado Boulevard off at Raymond Street and Pasadena Avenue, and then eventually escorted the protesters back up Fair Oaks, to Pintoresca Park, blocking off intersections to motorists to protect the marchers.

Upon reaching the park, the protestors left, with many headed toward City Hall for a church-sponsored candlelight vigil, which drew more than 2,000 participants. (See related story)

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