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Public Hearing on City’s $2 Billion Capital Improvement Program Budget to Open on Monday

Published on Monday, April 15, 2024 | 4:00 am

The City Manager will open the public hearing on the recommended $2 billion Fiscal Years 2025 – 2029 Capital Improvement Program Budget on Monday.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) outlines the city’s planned capital expenditures over the next five years.

“The Capital Improvement Program budget identifies significant investment in the City’s infrastructure by funding major projects designed to expand, enhance, and/or preserve the capital assets of this City,” according to a staff report contained in Monday’s agenda.

The City’s City Charter requires that the recommended Fiscal Years 2025 – 2029 Capital Improvement Program Budget for the upcoming fiscal year be submitted to the City Council on or before the third Monday in May.

The City Council is expected to continue the public hearing until May 6 and as necessary at each subsequent meeting until the Council determines that the public hearing may close and formally adopt the Fiscal Year 2025 – 2029 Capital Improvement Program Budget.

The budget contains 213 active projects with a total estimated cost of $2,004,111,530.

The proposed Capital Improvement Program Budget contains 22 new projects, and a total recommended appropriation of $139,779,473 to 117 projects.

The largest allocations are earmarked for the electric system ($710.7 million), transportation ($387.5 million), and the water system ($281.9 million).

Other significant investments include municipal buildings and Facilities ($250.6 million), streets and streetscapes ($122.8 million), and sewers and storm Drains ($67 million).

The proposed budget also includes funding for various other projects, such as street lighting and electric undergrounding ($50 million), parks and landscaping – park projects ($29.9 million), Rose Bowl Improvements ($8.4 million), and Pasadena Center Improvements ($16.4 million).

A substantial portion of the total estimated costs, approximately $758 million, has already been appropriated through fiscal year 2024.

The remaining funds are proposed to be allocated over the next five years, with $139.8 million recommended for fiscal year 2025, followed by $223.1 million, $203.5 million, $193.4 million, and $486.4 million for fiscal years 2026 – 2029 and 2029 and beyond, respectively.

For fiscal year 2025, the total recommended appropriations amount to $139,779,473.

The electric system receives the largest allocation at $76,128,718, followed by the water system at $18,889,500. Other significant allocations include streets and streetscapes ($9,154,120), transportation ($8,613,135), and Rose Bowl Improvements ($8,422,000).

Notable projects within the electric system include the Advanced Metering Infrastructure project ($3,720,000), the Energy Storage System Phase II ($4,260,000), and the 4kV to 17kV Distribution System Conversion Program ($3,830,000). The water system’s major projects include distribution mains ($6,540,000), the Monk Hill Groundwater Treatment Improvements ($4,170,000), and Meters and Services ($1,615,000).

The Capital Improvement Program also allocates funds for various park improvements, such as the Brenner Park Playground Improvements ($600,000) and the Hamilton Park Field Improvements ($875,000). Technology projects, including the Department of Information Technology Equipment Lifecycle Replacement ($1,175,000) and City Fiber Network Expansion ($360,000), are also part of the recommended expenditures.

The City Council’s review of the recommended Fiscal Year 2025 Capital Improvement Program will provide an opportunity for public input and ensure that the proposed investments align with the city’s priorities and the community’s needs.

“All projects in the recommended Capital Improvement Program address and further the City Council’s six strategic plan goals to maintain fiscal responsibility and stability; improve, maintain and enhance public facilities and infrastructure; increase conservation and sustainability; improve mobility and accessibility throughout the City; support and promote the quality of life and the local economy; and ensure public safety,” according to staff report.

The Pasadena City Council is set to review the city’s proposed Capital Improvement Program for fiscal years 2025-2029 during its meeting on Monday, April 15.

The Capital Improvement Program, which outlines the city’s planned capital expenditures over the next five years, has a total estimated cost of approximately $2 billion.

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