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Training The Ideal Student-Athlete

Student Athlete Lab trains not just the student-athlete's physical gifts, but also the student's mental game and attitude

Published on Friday, May 3, 2013 | 1:34 pm

They say in sports, if you’re not willing to give 120%, somebody else will.

Student-athletes looking to get a college basketball scholarship face tough competition. To get a leg up, students need all the help they can get. But not just any kind of help, what students need is a specialized kind of help that targets their strengths and strengthens their weaknesses.

This is where Student Athlete Lab shines.

Student Athlete Lab offers college-prep workshops and clinics to help student-athletes advance their basketball skills, both physically and mentally, to help them prepare for college.

Training and preparing for College Basketball requires athleticism, skill development and a high level of conditioning. Though these can be attained through self-training, the field is far too competitive to risk self-training lest one miss a crucial aspect, or worse, cause injury to oneself.

Players must be able to prepare for a full season through proper cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and build up their skill level by training with other players of similar ability. Having an experienced coach will also help the student’s cause immensely.

But physical training can only get you so far. To maximize the student’s chances to get into college, Student Athlete Lab makes sure students are well-rounded in more than individual physical ability.

The following are what the camp makes sure a student learns:

Be an outstanding student

By being able to handle academics and basketball, schools will see how the student is committed to excellence and is organized and disciplined enough to juggle both sports and academics.

Be a great teammate

Every coach loves a good teammate, and that includes college coaches. A player that is coachable and able to get along with teammates is  seen as unselfish and committed to team goals.

Do the little things

Despite what many high school players think, basketball is not just about scoring. A good player must have good footwork, set screens, box out, share the ball, communicate, play defense, dive for loose balls, work hard, and basically give the 120% athletes should give to succeed.

Maximize ability

Some people are blessed with natural physical abilities and gifts. Height can’t be controlled, as does a person’s body type. However, a student can be as perfect a basketball specimen as humanly possible. By being on a year-round strength and conditioning program, and working on shooting and ball-handling ability, student’s learn to maximize their abilities and prepare them for the College student-athlete grind.

By balancing academics with sports training, Student Athlete Lab ensures students get the edge they need to pursue a college basketball scholarship. Physical gifts complemented by academic excellence, topped by the right attitude makes for a compelling case for college recruiters.

To learn more about Student Athlete Lab, visit or call (626) 214-8526.

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