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We Get Letters: Don’t Forget the Kids

Published on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 | 12:10 pm

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Our Kids

Dear Editor,

In your February 6th article regarding the use of Jefferson Elementary, you forgot about the most important thing — our kids!

Dozens of Longfellow parents and caregivers attended last week’s School Board meeting to advocate for the best interests of our children. Why were our voices absent from your article? More than 550 students attend Longfellow, and 84% of those children are considered socioeconomically disadvantaged. These are the same families who were displaced when Jefferson was closed, experienced a year of online schooling during COVID, and now will be displaced again during Longfellow’s modernization.

PUSD and the city have a responsibility to work for the best interests of our community. We hope our district, city, and local elected leadership will effectively serve the community through the process of renegotiating the Jefferson lease. We ask that your news coverage reflect the impacts to all stakeholders, including the most vulnerable ones, the children of Pasadena.

36 Longfellow parents and family members
Jessie Dahlstrom, parent and Longfellow PTA President
Michelle Fenske, parent
Kellee O. Backstrom, parent
Paul Backstrom, parent
Amanda Getty, parent
Cheryl C. Nocon, parent
Robert Nocon, parent
Jacqueline Browne, parent
William Powell Browne, parent
Nicole Sepulveda, parent
Raymond Encarnacion, parent
Tiffany Sepulveda, family member
Lovelyn Thiha, parent
Ryan Thiha, parent
Jordan Greer, parent
Akata Pulini, parent
Angelica Villanueva, parent
Luis Felipe Guerrero, parent
Jonathan Feenstra, parent
Jacqueline Duvall, parent
Grace Jakubowics, parent
Dina Martinez, parent
Marvin Alvarez, parent
Carolina Cauder, family member
Nick Wright, parent
Corey Churchill, parent
Diana Holland, parent
Michael Holland, parent
Zuleyma Jaramillo, parent
Samuel Jaramillo, parent
Lisa Do, parent
Jason Wall, parent
Karina Alvarez, parent
Tanya Reyes, parent
Tony Reyes, parent
Dottie Burkhart, parent


Hoping This Ends Well

I am troubled by our School District.

Seems bizarre to break the lease and bite the hand that feeds you.

Will they have to use District funds to reimburse the City? And they lose that income?

What kind of planning and leadership is there at the PUSD????

And this is a District that has at least mentioned putting another bond issue on the ballot. You have got to be kidding – totally tone deaf.

Hope this ends well for everyone – the City and the kids in the District.

William Morris
Pasadena, CA

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