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We Get Letters: In Support of David Llanes

Published on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 | 5:54 am

First, I would like to thank David Llanes for his article of November 28, regarding the shooting of Anthony McClain in which he shares his “view from a different lens.” One of the most salient issues he raises, from my perspective, is that the officer who killed McClain never had his day in court. In short, the public was denied transparency that would have evolved through a court case. The officer was denied his Sixth Amendment rights including a decision rendered by a jury of his peers, access to legal council, the right to face his detractor(s) and to know in advance who would be the witnesses brought forth to testify for or against him.

Because the case was settled out of court, and there was a rush to judgment among a vocal minority without knowing all the facts, the public will never know the finite details of the unfortunate circumstances that led to McClain’s death.

By sweeping the case under the rug with an out-of-court settlement, questions and accusations will most likely follow the officer through the end of his days. A trial would have at least put to rest questions regarding whether or not the officer overstepped the boundaries of law enforcement by the manner in which he dealt with a non-compliant individual who violated the conditions of his parole.

 I assume a monetary settlement could have been pursued by the McClain family after the trial if the officer were found guilty.

I have always been grateful to live in a well-run city like Pasadena and have tried my best in various ways to be supportive of our community and city government. We are not perfect, but If I had my choice of living in any city in Southern California, it would be Pasadena.

A contributing factor to my love of this city is that I feel safe. Yes, there has been an uptick in crime, but the PPD remains at the ready to deal with it to the best of their ability.

Though there has been an outcry from a vocal minority regarding the unfortunate death of Anthony McClain, at least cooler heads have prevailed in our community that has neither demonized the entire PPD for the action of one officer nor called for its defunding, as has been the case in various other cities throughout the country.

Our city isn’t perfect and neither is the PPD. However, ask yourselves this question: Would you rather see Pasadena become like San Francisco? When you have an entire police force actively engaged and putting their lives on the line each day to protect us, there are bound to be instances of overreaches and flawed decisions. This can happen in any profession. I’ll take my chances on these possibilities as opposed to stepping over bodies, needles, and feces in too many parts of San Francisco where policing is MIA.

Each year, I look forward to mingling with people from all over the world who come to our world-famous destination city to ring in the New Year and to partake of the unique festivities provided by the City of Roses. And who will watch over us to ensure our safety? The Pasadena Police Department for which I am grateful.

Linda Simmons, Retired Educator

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One thought on “We Get Letters: In Support of David Llanes

  • Mr. Llanes,
    Your name sounds familiar and I believe you are a police officer in Pasadena. (Forgive me if I am wrong, but if I am right that disclosure should have been in the article).
    I am the civil rights attorney that represented two of Mr. McClain’s children. To answer one of your questions: there is a two year statute of limitations in federal court. But if the kids waited, what if witnesses moved or passed away? What about Mr. McClain not getting his day in court?
    Also, why not speak with your police Union about allowing the police department to release the officers statements and allowing said statements to be used by the District Attorney? Officer Edwin Dumaguindin has an ability STILL to write this news periodical or have a press conference to have his story told. You act as though HE was the one killed and HIS voice was the one that was permanently silenced and not Anthony’s.
    I share your love for Pasadena, which is why I purchased a home there many years ago. My mother brought us to Pasadena when I was 6. There was nothing in my narrative in representing my clients that said the entire PPD is bad, but it only takes a small minority to influence the masses and sometimes evil prevails when good men fail to act.
    Officer Edwin Dumaguindin had a dozen talented lawyers making sure his 5th & 6th Amendment rights were protected so I disagree with your statement about that.
    The officer will spend Christmas with his family, but Anthony’s baby girl will spend her Christmas trying to fix an IPhone that is not broken but it simply will not have her Daddy talking through FaceTime again….she was laughing and playing with Daddy on FaceTime 25 minutes before he was hunted down and shot in the BACK twice.