4 Days Left for La Salle High School Alumni Association’s “Adopt A Family” Drive

Pictured above are gifts we were able purchase and wrap last year thanks to alumni donations.

Four days left to donate to the Alumni Adopt A Family Drive… The La Salle High School’s Alumni Assocition needs everyone’s support! Each and every donation ($5, $10, $20 or more) adds up as they have over 125 Christmas wishes to fulfill for needy children in the community. For more information, visit www.lancernetwork.com/Adopt2013.

La Salle High School’s Alumni Assocition thanksĀ Michael Alexander ’10, Jamie Bennison ’06, Rochelle Ferrari ’97, Amanda Evans ’05, Philip Barbaro III ’02, Tyler Varing ’09, Siobain Courtney ’00 & Ron Berry ’70 for your donations over the holiday weekend!

Every year, since 1996, La Salle High School has hosted the Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program benefiting needy families and foster children in the community and for the sixth year, the Alumni Association is participating by “adopting” WRAP families from Hillsides and needy families from Eliot Middle School in Pasadena with the goal of giving each of them a Christmas they will never forget. WRAP programs serve children under the age of 18 who have been diagnosed with an emotional, behavioral or mental disorder. The goal of WRAP is to provide these families with a community-based alternative to counseling for their children who may be at-risk of out-of-home placement. The crisis families from Eliot School are dealing with 3 families living in 1 apartment, a sick newborn baby who’s medical bills are causing a financial problem for the family, and special needs children with autism.

Each member of these families has a wish list and it is our goal to fulfill each and every wish but we need your help to make this possible! Gifts of $5, $10, and $25 add up fast and are needed to make this year’s holiday gift drive a success. We realize this may be a tough holiday season but these families have it much tougher.

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