Nothing is ‘Normal’

A forthcoming film by the University of the West’s student Psychology Club explores what it means to be ‘normal’ or if such a thing even exists.

According to Dr. George Lee, the club set out to make a promotion movie about Psychology Club but the project grew into much more. Dr. Lee specializes in Buddhist Psychology and how these two fields interact with each other. He explains that Western psychology emphasizes symptoms and treatment while Buddhist philosophy focuses on the mind-body connection. “This is one of the many possible differences between eastern and western Psychology and Buddhism.

The film, Abnormal, draws on real psychological disorders such as, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia, and draws on Dr. Lee’s experiences working with clients. This fictional story includes student actors and Dr. Lee himself.

The club plans to release the film this December. “We really hope that a movie like this can bring people positive energy [give them] a chance to think about who they are,” said Dr. Lee.

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