Pasadena Travels: A Memorable Moment in Time at Ocean Prime Las Vegas

Published on Sep 20, 2023

We all have those memorable meals when everything comes together to form that perfect moment in time. I’ve had a few and I will be adding my dinner at Ocean Prime to that list.

Part of a group of restaurants, Ocean Prime Las Vegas is the 18th in the Ocean Prime chain and the first in Las Vegas. It opened in June of this year and is operating on all cylinders. While all outside is Vegas-crazy, the interior of the restaurant is cool-sophistication.

As we were shown to our seats, we were able to admire the warm-inviting surroundings of the lounge. One of the features of the Lounge is the Champagne Hour featuring specially priced glasses of Veuve Clicquot with oysters three ways and other nibbles and goodies at special prices. They offer special menu items that are unique to the Las Vegas location: Chips & Caviar Dip, Crispy Whole Maine Lobster and A-5 Wagyu Stix.

Once seated, we were presented with an inviting basket of house-made breads and sparkling water. Our wonderful waitress, whose lilting Jamaican accent was a delight, led us through the menu, with suggestions for our meal.

One of the offerings specific to the Las Vegas location was the Caviar and Vodka Service. Although this looked very inviting, I chose to partake of their Sushi instead. The Prime Roll caught my eye; a surf and turf affair of succulent tempura shrimp rolled with cream cheese and scallion and topped with a tender piece of beef carpaccio. Creamy-dreamy and melt-in-your-mouth combined with an ocean-tang and made for a delicious bite.

We decided to share the Lobster Bisque next. Oh my goodness, what a delight. With butter-laden pieces of lobster in the bottom of the bowl, the rich bisque was poured over the top. Tiny drops of butter from the lobster dotted the creamy broth and each mouthful was finished with a hint of heat. I’m glad I shared the bisque because I could have easily made a meal from that decant dish.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. With a menu full of fresh fish, chicken, chops and prime steaks it was a tough call. But I saw the Ocean Scallops on the menu and I couldn’t resist. My companion on the other hand was drawn to the Halibut.

Scallops, when prepared right, are delectable. Ocean Prime’s version was caramelized to a golden brown on the outside and tender and sweet on the inside. They were served with a Parmesan risotto dotted with English peas and finished with a bright citrus vinaigrette. Fresh ingredients, simply prepared, simply delicious.

Halibut is another fish that can rock or epically fail. It seems like there are only seconds between a delicate and juicy piece of fish to a dried piece of fish jerky. Ocean Prime’s was staunchly in the delicate and juicy category and was accompanied by sweet pieces of lobster and tender gnocchi with sweet peas and lemon jus.

We also had a side dish of Smoked Gouda Tater Tots which were a delight of smokey, toasty cheese and tender potato with a creamy dipping sauce.

Dessert anyone? Did we really have room for a sweet treat? The answer of course was yes! Although I considered the touted 10-layer carrot cake (I love carrot cake!) my attention was drawn and held by the warm butter cake. I’m with Julia Child, “with enough butter, anything is good,” so warm butter cake it was. The cake was tender and moist with crunchy browned butter edges (my favorite part). It was topped with fresh berries, rich vanilla ice cream and a tart raspberry sauce. I also indulged in an espresso martini with cream which just added to the enjoyment of the butter cake.

What makes a meal memorable? Sometimes it’s the company, sometimes it’s the food, sometimes it’s the location and service. Sometimes it’s all three, that’s when you know you’ve really experienced something special. Our meal at Ocean Prime Las Vegas was one of those moments in time that will reside in my memory along with other memorable moments.

Ocean Prime Las Vegas is located in 63 Las Vegas at 3716 Las Vegas Blvd., 4th Floor. For reservations or more information call (702) 529-4770 or visit

Not visiting Vegas anytime soon? There’s a local Ocean Prime located at 9595 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, which has essentially the same menu. For more information on the Beverly Hills location call (310) 859-4818.

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