Add a Personal Touch to a Classic Drink

Published on Dec 26, 2020

A traditional drink that’s easy to make when entertaining, it can be easy to put your own personal twists on the Bloody Mary.

In this iteration, ditch the celery stick and complement your spicy beverage with cheese-filled perogies and bacon.

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Bloody Mary


1          teaspoon red pepper sauce

1          bottle (64 ounces) tomato juice

2          cups vodka

2          tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

2          tablespoons lime juice


wooden skewers

6          cheese-filled perogies, baked according to package directions

6          slices bacon, cooked until crispy

In large pitcher, combine red pepper sauce, tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce and lime juice; stir well.

In glasses, pour over ice.

Using wooden skewer, garnish each Bloody Mary with a cheese-filled perogy and bacon slice.

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