Avelo Airlines Offers Non-Stop Service from Burbank to Salem, Oregon for a Quick and Easy Portland Getaway

Published on Oct 26, 2023

There are many ways I’d prefer to travel: drive, take a train, stay at home. But sometimes flying makes the most sense. It’s the fastest way to get where you’re going and will make the most out of a short getaway. Might as well make it quick, easy and a bargain to boot.

Those of us who live near the Burbank/Hollywood Airport know how easy it is to fly into and out of. It’s a great alternative to LAX and coincidentally it’s where Avelo Airlines makes its hub on the west coast. I was taking its newest flight route to the Salem, Oregon airport. My daughter lives in Portland and since Salem is just an hour away I decided it was my time to give Avelo a try.

Avelo’s fares are really low, from about $40.00 one-way up to about $100.00 (depending on the time of year). With those low fares come some trade-offs. Both checked-in and carry-on (in the overhead bin) luggage has a charge. It’s about $40.00 for a checked bag and $45.00 for a carry-on. Passengers are allotted one free personal item not larger than 14″L x 9″W x 9.5″H that must be capable of safely stowing under a seat. Examples of personal items include a purse, briefcase, laptop computer case, small backpack or small camera case. I saw a lot of people toting small backpacks.

We flew on a Boeing 737 with two rows of three seats. Seating is tight as is the leg room. I suggest bringing something to read or download a movie to occupy your time. There’s no beverage service but they do have water if you request it. The good news is that it’s a short flight, a little over two hours. On both my outbound and inbound flights we left and arrived early.

From the flight crew to the baggage check-in and boarding pass employees, everyone at Avelo was friendly and helpful. I had a bag to check-in and the associate asked me if I’d ever flown with Avelo and then explained all the vagaries of the airline. She was so friendly and helpful. The flight crew was just as helpful and friendly. It really makes a difference when you are in a cabin with a couple hundred strangers.

From the Burbank/Hollywood Airport Avelo flies to about 13 destinations including Brownsville/St Padre Island, Boseman/Yellowstone, Colorado Springs and of course Salem, Oregon. Days of travel and flight schedules are varied as to time of year, holidays etc. For more information on Avelo Airlines and the places they travel visit www.aveloair.com.


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