Brewed in Tradition: Savvvy’s Café Is An Updated Take on a Beloved Family Business

Published on Jun 14, 2023

Savannah Bedjakian’s life is steeped in coffee culture. As the daughter of a pioneering coffee shop owner in Old Pasadena, she spent her early years enveloped in the comforting aroma of coffee beans roasting and the vibrant hum of community gathering. Today, she is following in her father’s footsteps, leading a fresh chapter of the family businesses with her own café, Savvvy’s.

Savannah’s father was the owner of Equator, a beloved late-night coffee shop and a hub for art institutions and poetry readings. It was a unique space, nurturing creativity and fostering community spirit. However, the sprouting of corporate coffee giants prompted Equator to evolve into a bar, much to the disappointment of a young Savannah, who cherished the café’s original identity.

The dream to restore the community-focused café culture motivated Savannah to step into the café industry. With her father’s support and her own years of experience in other coffee shops, she seized the opportunity to open Savvvy’s Cafe across the way from her father’s bar, laying the foundation for a new family legacy.

Setting up Savvvy’s Cafe was a labor of love. Savannah and her father worked tirelessly together, navigating the slow and frustrating process of securing permits and setting up operations.

Once the bureaucratic hurdles were cleared, Savannah took the helm, pouring her vision into every aspect of the café, from the hand-painted windows to the carefully curated menu.

Inspired by her father’s focus on community, Savannah has created a space that stands out amidst the grab-and-go culture of Old Pasadena.

Savvvy’s Cafe is a welcoming hub for community events, from poetry readings to comedy nights. She also listens keenly to customer feedback, refining her offerings to suit their preferences.

The menu at Savvvy’s is a reflection of Savannah’s innovative spirit. With drinks like the peach cobbler latte, she’s challenged conventional coffee recipes, creating a unique blend of flavors that has become a fan favorite. All of her syrups are handmade, ensuring a perfect balance of sweetness and depth in every cup.

Savannah’s journey as a café owner has been a fulfilling one, albeit laden with challenges. From tackling supply issues to ensuring customer satisfaction, she has navigated the business landscape with resilience, inspired by her father’s hands-on approach and his knack for attracting customers.

Since its inception, Savvvy’s Cafe has evolved based on community feedback and Savannah’s observations. This has involved tweaking recipes over ten times to perfect the flavor profile and launching community-based projects like poetry and comedy nights. The café is continuously evolving, adapting to fit the community’s needs.

Looking to the future, Savannah is excited to expand Savvvy’s offerings. She plans to introduce more unique drinks inspired by global cuisines. From barley and espresso drinks, to original Japanese matcha, to Thai teas, Savannah is ready to take her customers on a global flavor journey. And for the first time, Savvvy’s will serve food. Unique breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and dishes inspired by Armenian and Mexican cuisines – a nod to Savannah’s own heritage – will soon make their debut on the menu.

Savvvys Cafe – Hand-Crafted Coffee, Tea, Syrups, and Pastries is located at : 36 W. Colorado Blvd #6, in Old Pasadena. For more call (626) 316-7443 or visit

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