Broadway Comes to Pasadena

Theatre Americana, one of the State’s oldest community theater companies, gears up for a new production
By EDDIE RIVERA, Editor, Weekend Magazine
Published on Sep 24, 2022


One of the oldest community theater companies in California is gearing up for a new show, featuring the best of Broadway.

Theatre Americana was formed in Altadena in 1935, through the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a far-reaching government program, led by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which created thousands of jobs for people in the entertainment industry.

As current President Donna Marie Scarantino told Pasadena Now recently, “Theatre Americana was a recipient of WPA funding, and Davies Hall up at Farnsworth Park in Altadena, was built for the theater company,  where they resided for several years, and produced, often with the help of Hollywood celebrities.”

Theatre Americana has a long legacy in the San Gabriel Valley, and after more than 85 years, it is still thriving today.

“We have been active in providing entertainment for the area,” said Scarantino, “and we do everything from concerts to original plays to the classics. Theatre Americana has contributed greatly to supporting the arts and culture in the San Gabriel Valley.”

The company’s latest effort is their Broadway review, entitled, naturally, “Broadway’s in Town, and She’s Dazzling!”

The show is a variety-style Broadway review of a number of classic and contemporary performances from The Great White Way.

The show will feature a number of excerpts from each of the musicals that we selected to be part of the Broadway review, Scarantino explained.

The performance also features violinist Drew Tretick, as well as a number of local artists from the area.

The show opens Saturday, October 15, and on Sunday, October 16 (matinee), a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hospital of L.A. through the Monrovia Guild of Children’s Hospital, Scarantino explained.

As Scarantino noted, “I think (audiences) are going to be blown away by what we’re providing in this show – we have an extremely talented cast of stellar vocalists who have worked both professionally, nationally and in community theatre throughout the area.  Steven Applegate, well recognized and awarded-winning pianist is the Musical Director for this show. Steven has toured all over the USA and overseas. He is an award-winning Musical Director and has done much of the musical theatre repertoire. Arlene Santos, local choreographer, teacher and dancer herself, will bring in about 18 dancers for the Westside Story segment of the show.

Sylvia Boyd, who performs with the LA Sheriff’s orchestra has been singing for over 20 years and will take the roof off the house with her rendition of Proud Mary from “Tina Turner The Musical.”  She will also do a soulful rendition of excerpts from Porgy and Bess,” and she is just amazing,” Scarantino exclaimed.

The Doo Drops band is featured live in the “Motown The Musical” segment of the show.

“There’s something for everyone,” said Scarantino, who also pointed out that, “The production is a very affordable way to see and enjoy many of the classics and contemporary musicals that have been so popular with audiences. “

“Without getting on a plane, I think the audience is going to be transported to Broadway at a very affordable price. Hope to see you there!”


Theatre Americana Presents “Broadway’s In Town, and She’s Dazzling”.
Lineage Performing Arts Center,
920 E. Mountain Street. Pasadena, CA 91104.
Tickets: $20

For more information on how Theatre Americana can help you with your entertainment needs, go to

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