Cheeseburger Week is Coming to Your Place

The pandemic version of the yearly food event will either be picked up by you or delivered to you. Either way… yum!
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Jan 24, 2021


Cheeseburger Week. You (make that, “we”) start drooling over this right after New Year’s Day, with visions of brioche buns and beef dancing in our heads.  This year, of course, we won’t be making the rounds of burger joints, casually dining and rating burgers, as we sit in our favorite corner booth, or maybe watch the pedestrian traffic from the patios.

But the yearly food event starts this Sunday, January 24, in case you haven’t written it on your roomie’s forehead with a Sharpie to help you remember. (Your secret is safe with us.)

Meanwhile, this year, in Pandemica, California, those burgers will have to come to us. We’ll phone in our orders, or click on a mouse, or use some app or another. Then,  we’ll either drive down and get them, or they’ll magically appear at our doorstep within the hour.

And, every year a Cheeseburger “crawl” is suggested, where one spends an evening splitting up burgers with friends as they walk from burger spot to burger spot. That can’t exactly be done this year, but if you really want to get involved in this year’s Cheeseburger Week virtually, how about a neighborhood-centric one? Just choose a neighborhood for the week, charge up your cell phone and have at it.

At least one of these burger spots is near you and either delivers or is easily served by one of the usual delivery apps—GrubHub, UberEats, Polstmates, You know the drill by now. This short list might be a good place to start 

  • Clearman’s Galley (The Boat) in nearby San Gabriel, has their Charbroiled Cheeseburger Combo on special for $14.95.
  • Dog Haus (both locations) has 99¢ Cheeseburger Sliders and any of Dog Haus’ 7 amazing Haus Burgers for just $6.99 during Cheeseburger Week! You can also order family packs of those sliders.
  • The Raymond offers their Classic Burger with Fries for $18 and the Impossible (veggie) Burger with Fries for $20.  
  • The Stand has their French Onion Soup Burger for $12
  • Kathleen’s has their Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger, with their house made thousand island dressing. Served with onion rings or fries.
  • Mi Piace in Old Pasadena has created the Black Label Burger: exclusive Prime Rib Eye and Brisket mix with aged Vermont cheddar, raw Vidalia onion, organic tomato- Boston lettuce- fresh made 1000 island- toasted sesame brioche bun for $20; 

Many other participants are offering special creations and deals. You could likely try them all. Why not? Cheeseburger Week only happens once a year.

A full list of participants and more specials is available at Click on the Restaurants and Menus tab.

And if you haven’t had enough of elections yet, voting in the 2021 Cheeseburger Challenge opens Sunday, January 24, 2021, and ends January 30, 2021.


FYI, Most of the restaurants in Pasadena’s Cheeseburger Week use one of the following for their food delivery services:,,,,

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