Exhibit A: Dependency Court

Published on Jun 30, 2019

The Juvenile Dependency Court in California is a court focusing only on the needs of children and their families. The Dependency Court focuses their decisions on child safety and use child welfare professionals to plan and organize all the services for the family so that children can live their lives in a safe environment.

The mission of this court has six components:

• Protect children
• Give them stability
• Keep families together
• Treat everyone with dignity
• Respect diversity
• Value every child like their own

Donald P. Schweitzer and his firm of Family Law attorneys guide clients who find themselves in these courts, has put together their newest Exhibit A podcast on the subject of Dependency Courts. Donald has brought in Attorney Daniel Leonetti, one of his Associate Attorneys at the firm that, before his becoming an associate with the firm, worked as a court-appointed attorney representing minors and non-minor dependents in Dependency Court cases. As a minor’s counsel, he conducted over 100 dependency trials and attended an average of 20-25 dependency hearings per week. Let’s listen in:

Some things one can find themselves in these courts for are accusations of drug dependency, corporal punishment of children, molestation, and, most common, failure to protect. There can be other types of cases that come to these courts and the best rule of thumb for cases that can be referred to Dependency Court is any behavior that puts a child in any kind of danger.

Accusations alone are enough to have case workers from the court looking into the circumstances of the activities in question and when that happens one will need an attorney familiar with these types of cases to help them navigate their way through the process to make sure all of their rights are upheld and argue their case through this often lengthy process.

If you have been notified that you are under investigation for activities that fall within the jurisdiction of this court then you must act quickly and secure an attorney like those found at the Family Law Firm of Donald P. Schweitzer, because the stakes are high and one wrong move could see an undoing. Call them today for a consultation to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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