Hello You’re Welcome Serves Up Mindful Coffee and Pastries for All

Treat everyone on your list to specialty goodies from Hello You’re Welcome’s award-winning Chef Leah
Published on Dec 6, 2023

“Hello You’re Welcome” has arrived in Pasadena’s vibrant culinary scene and with it a fervent philosophy that universally adored treats such as coffee and donuts should be available and enjoyable for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences.

This inclusive approach sets a new standard in the food and beverage industry.

Clearly not just another coffee shop, Hello You’re Welcome is a place where tradition meets innovation.

Award-winning Chef Leah Delyte and her talented team have taken the classic combination of coffee and donuts and given it a mindful twist. The menu is a fusion of time-honored recipes and innovative flavors, ensuring that they cater to almost everyone’s dietary needs.

The team at Hello You’re Welcome believes that indulging should be nourishing. That’s why they’ve made it their mission to serve the community only the best Roast House coffee and mindful donuts. With ingredients sourced sustainably from local Southern California eco-friendly growers, customers can indulge guilt-free with each sip and every bite.

Hello’s holiday season is nothing short of deliciousness, welcoming you to festive seasonal flavors such as Mini Yule Tide Logs, gluten-free Gingerbread House atop Donuts, Hanukkah Jelly Doughnuts, and all your favorite seasonal flavors. These treats are perfect for catering gatherings with co-workers, clients, family, and friends. If you’re out shopping, stop in to refuel with a delicious coffee beverage and treat while you browse in-store items for easy gifting.

Shop small and experience the delicious big flavors, warmth, and sense of community at Hello You’re Welcome this holiday season.

Visit them at 445 East Colorado Blvd in Playhouse Village or learn more at helloyrwelcome.com.

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