How Much Time Are You Losing to Laundry?

Published on Mar 21, 2016

Recent study says that the average mother spends five months of her life doing laundry. On average it takes her 26 minutes to go through arduous pre and post-wash tasks every time she turns on the machine, an average of six times a week.

According to the study, before a child hits 18, she will have had 137 days or nearly five months of toil. A spokesman for laundry and cleaning company, which carried out the study of 4,400 mothers, mentions that all mums will tell you they spend their entire life doing the laundry and they’re quite right. It is truly a staggering amount of time.

They also mention that doing all the things around laundry also takes huge chunk of their time – pulling tissues out of pockets, pairing up socks, looking under beds or behind doors for underwear. Tellingly, just under half of those polled said they wished their other half did more to help them around the house.

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